Before it's too late!

Before it's too late!

This is a discussion on Before it's too late! within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just wanted to remind everyone who cares to take the time to read this how important it is that we remember the sacrifices our parents ...

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Thread: Before it's too late!

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    Before it's too late!

    Just wanted to remind everyone who cares to take the time to read this how important it is that we remember the sacrifices our parents made for us and take the time to THANK THEM while you can. This is a little long but hopefully worthwhile.

    My story:

    July 13 2010 my mother passed away after fighting and surviving Cancer for nearly 15 years. I would go visit as often as I could and try to spend some time with her while she was able to get up and around. My father devoted his life to this woman during the 51 years they were married and I am Proud to be his son. The last 5 years of her life my mother was confined to her bed 80% of the time and she relied on my dad to take care of things around the house and although she tried her hardest to get up and help, her body was at the end of its strength. Dad worked his job 6 or sometimes 7 days a week for those years trying to help offset the cost of her medicine and his, (he has a pacemake installed, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and high blood pressure) but even though he worked those hours he still walked into their bedroom everyday after he got off work and took care of her needs before he even thought about sitting down for a minute to rest. The last two years without Mom around has really taken its toll on my dad, so now its my turn to say Thank You to him in the only way I know how and that is through watching him sacrifice his self for her.

    You see he just retired at the end of May 2012 at the age of 72. And my brothers and I have watched his attitude slowly diminish over the last couple years of missing mom and not having someone at home with him. Don't get me wrong he still gets up at 5am everyday and does work around the house and in the yard and usually does more than he should, I hear him grumble about not being able to do the things he used to, and how even the smallest task take the wind out of him, but he never gives up. He pushes on through and just sits down for a few minutes before continuing.

    I talked to my brothers and after discussing this with my daughters I have decided to sell my trailer and move back home at the age of 47 and help take care of my dad. Not to do everything for him, just to be there and help out after I get off work, to allow him to handle the smaller things around the house and I will take care of the harder projects for him. When I first approached my brother with the idea, he agreed it would be the best thing for dad to have someone around the house with him. And when I talked to my dad about it, you should have seen the ways his eyes lit up and although he tried to hide his enthusiasm and not sound eager he seemed to have a new found attitude about him. He has talked about doing things that he wouldn't have dreamed of doing without my, camping, he even offered to go shooting with me and my youngest daughter, and dig out his golf clubs to go with my oldest daughter and me.

    I said all this not looking for a pat on the back or a good job, but more to hopefully remind some of you how much our parents really do Love us, and desire us to visit and spend time with them while they are still able to get out and enjoy life, not when we stand around after they passed away and say " I wish I had taken the time to do that earlier". Remember the sacrifices they made for us, and take a minute to let them know how much we appreciate everything the did. I know many of you will not understand my sacrificing so much to help out, but I learned from my father what you do is seen by others and I only hope my daughters will see the Love my parents passed onto me and How I am passing that on to them as well.
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    You at a great son.

    I'm going to call my mom today. Thanks for the reminder.

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