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Update on my Son, ie neurological condition....

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Thread: Update on my Son, ie neurological condition....

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    Good news indeed.
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    Geez Louise Mike, quit using up all your good luck tokens at one time!

    Glad to hear its all going way better than you ever could have imagined!

    What town is that, I could almost go for a gift basket about now!!

    Take care.
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    Thank you for the wonderful update. It's an answer to all our prayers that your family continues to enjoy their lives with you. I'm sure you happiness plays a great part.
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    Must be something about the water in Indiana, good to hear everyone is doing better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    That's fantastic Mike!

    I'm so glad things are going well for you & your family!

    I've been away for over 25yrs now. I gotta tell you, my life has seemed out of kilter as well. Idk if it's reading your posts or what, but, I find myself trying to think of some way possible to get back to my Tennessee home.

    Come on back. Tennessee is still a great place. Best state in the union in my opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by JaySkiBum View Post
    That is awesome news.

    I have to wonder though, was your former residence older or have known mold problems? I have a cousin who is very sick and slowly going downhill but he found a lot of temporary relief when he moved out of his old apartment into a newer, cleaner, home. Unfortunately he is back to where he was (oxygen 24/7) but at least he had some freedom from an oxygen bottle for a few months.
    Nope, the place in Indiana was less than 3 years old. No mold, no other problems. The house we live in now is actually about 58 years old and in the woods. I feel pretty sure it has some mold but I don't think it is anything toxic. Just a result of being an older home in the woods.

    Quote Originally Posted by oneshot View Post
    What town is that, I could almost go for a gift basket about now!!
    Take care.
    Arlington Tennessee. Very family oriented town. Great place to live.
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    This is great news, Mike - I am happy your family is whole again.....God is good! Best wishes for continued happy, healthy family.
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    I fear for the health and welfare of the next person who offers you a job in Indiana.

    I'm glad the planets have aligned for you and your family.
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    Fantastic news regarding your Son. It's great that he can be a normal, happy kid now without being saturated with meds.
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    Glad to hear Scotty is doing so much better. I know that has to be a huge weight off your mind.
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    What a wonderful update!! As a parent of an epileptic, a good pediatric neurologist is invaluable!!! So glad y'all found a great one and that your son is doing so well!!
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    Wow! That's excellent news. A lot of us have been following this one with you guys for a while. Glad things with the little one have finally worked out.
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    Great news. There is nothing worse than helplessly watching your child go through something like this. In 2008 my daughter was diagnosed with lymphoma, and she is fine now but it just tears a parents heart out watching the ordeal. it his you like a train full of bricks. The key is finding a great physician which it seems you did. The relief you feel when they are better is unbelievable. Again, great news.
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    I'm glad to read some good news in this section for once

    All's well that ends well
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    Very happy for your son and the whole family. What blessings you have received.
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