Son's business robbed

Son's business robbed

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Thread: Son's business robbed

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    Son's business robbed

    Didn't know where to post this. I hope this is the best place. If not, Mod's please move to where best for it. Thanks.

    Son's business robbed
    My youngest (16 yr old) works at a local Sonic (fast food restaurant) part time. This past Friday he worked late helping them cleanup after closing. He came home around 3 AM and told us (me and his Mom) they had been robbed. He was shook up pretty bad. He wasn't up to talking about it much - just enough to give us the basic's and assure us he was okay.
    Next day he wasn't doing very well at all - normal for what'd happened I think.
    Yesterday (Sunday) he seemed mostly back to his normal self but still didn't want to talk about it very much.

    Ok, I don't know all the facts but what I was able to find out that a black male - no real idea of how old - wearing a mask of some kind, bandana over his head I think - came inside after they were closed. Pointed a gun at my son and the others - had them lay down - robbed the place (didn't rob any individuals) and left. I think there were 3 employees total. No security cams or anything else in place.

    He (the robber) wasn't mean to anyone (well, except for pointing the gun at everyone) - just came in - robbed - and got out quick.

    Well, after hearing that news he wanted to be left alone and go to sleep. I think he went to sleep pretty quick & I was glad he was home and okay.

    I tried to go back to sleep but that just wasn't gonna happen.
    I couldn't sleep after that. I went through mixed feelings - I prayed & thanked God for my son coming home safe & at the same time I was so mad & wished I could have been there to whoop the dog snot outta the robber. Of course there's no way I could have known in advance what was gonna happen or have been there - just normal feelings any parent would go through in a situation like that I guess.

    Oh well, Thanks for listening (reading that is).

    Take care and God Bless everyone.
    For God, Family and Country!

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    Thank heaven for the safe outcome but for sure - very traumatising.

    Do post back if any more detailed info surfaces. It could of course have ended up so different - and there is the real scary part.
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    I'm just glad your son is OK.
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    I Understand The Seriousness...

    of the situation. Thankfully, the employees were all ok! This could have turned out much worse for everyone.
    No cameras?
    Too bad there were not a few CCW'ers in the place.

    Stay safe...

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    Criminals! gives this county a bad name. They need exterminating!!!!

    Glad everything turned out o.k. and no one was hurt. No cameras and criminals are more likely to play. Also, have you asked the person in charge why in the HE Double Hocky Sticks did he/she not lock the door!

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    I'm glad that your son is safe. I will bet that he will start looking for a new job soon. That usually happens after something like this because people don't feel safe in their workplace and don't like returning to a place where they have felt violated.

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    Not related, but I'd bet dollars to donuts that the bg was an ex-employee familiar with the closing routine and lack of security.
    I'm glad your son is OK. A situation like that could easily turn very bad.
    A valuable life lesson for him too, but it may be time to look for a new job.

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    Glad to hear your son and fellow employees are OK. Hard to believe that a place like that in todays climate has no cameras. Sad.

    Hope he finds work where the company cares a bit more about the safety of their people.

    Talked with a friend this weekend about a similar subject. He knows a guy with a pizza joint that's part of a national chain. He will now no longer hire minors as delivery drivers because of the robbery risks. Also while the corporate policy is absolutely no weapons, even OC, for the drivers he seems to have nothing but drivers with carry permits and a strict "Don't ask, don't tell" arms policy. Sad that things are at such a state.
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    At least no one was hurt (physically). Hope your son gets over it quickly, things like that can be traumatic.

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    I agree with Steve I bet he was an ex-employee. I'm glad nobody got hurt.

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    I'm glad everyone is okay. I hope the perpetrator is quickly apprehended.

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    Thank the Lord that your son & all others were ok.
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    Glad your son is o.k. Tell him that things will get better. Being a victim does jar your take on the world. I was jumpy for a while after an assault during college.
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    When I was 15 a fellow high school kid broke into my house and held me and my friends at gunpoint.

    It took a while to get over it and sleep well at night but I eventually did. I did promise myself that after that point, I would be armed as soon and as often as the law allowed.

    I bought a handgun as close to my 21st birthday as I could afford and I'm currently waiting on my NV CCW Permit.

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    Glad your son is ok.

    Security and awareness need to be learned in 1 of 2 ways, the nicer way would be for you to teach him.

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