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Thread: Katie is gone

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    Sorry for your loss! The right pet is indeed a God send.
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    Man that brings back memories of my Chocolate lab "Lucky" she was a sweetheart I had to put down 7/3/2010,in 2011I found "Millie" a Yellow Lab/Greyhound mix at the local SPCA,when you mentioned "Katie" running at full speed it sounds like "Millie" May you keep and cherish all the memories and the pain in your broken hearts heal with time knowing that she is waiting for you
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    I am very sorry to hear of this loss, I've been there, too!
    Nothing beats the friendship of a loving canine...having to say goodbye is very hard.
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    ctr, and Mrs. ctr.,

    Sorry for your loss of Katie. Truly, dogs are one of G_D's best efforts.
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    A beautiful and special dog Ms. Katie was. My deepest condolences.

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    Having lost the companionship of my two dogs both in the last two months I understand. Both were rescues Sasha was 16 years old and riley 12 years old. They had long lives and were great family members. Its hard to let them go but they will never be forgotten. Best wishes to you and your family and always cherish those great memories you described so well. Reading your post brought back some great memories and made my screen blurry as well.

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    Some call them animals or pets. Those who know or love them call them family members. Katie was quite a family member. You were blessed to be able to care for her. So sorry to hear of her passing. My family will keep you and your family in our prayers.

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    Until a person has experienced the unconditional love of an animal, a portion of their heart and soul remains unawakened.

    I just lost the sweetest cat in the whole world...I've been truly heartbroken.
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    I've been in your position so many times I can't count. But I can name them. You have my condolences.
    It took me a long time after the last to come around to having any domestic pets again. Thing is........I can never be without. Nothing can replace what we've lost, but we can fill in the empty space eventually. I love my pets. I always have. It's often the most difficult thing to deal with. I've had to put down a few for their own benefit. That's the hardest thing to do. Both of you and Katie have my prayers.

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    Sounds ilike Katie was a very special girl.

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    Sorry for your loss. I lost my Cinnamon four years ago. I did the same thing you did, I wrote a letter. It captured some of those memories for me and provided a way for me to say goodbye to her. Our bond was very strong. I can tell that yours was also a strong and special type of bond. I hope that you can get through the pain of your loss. My heart goes out to you.

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    Your words express your love of Katie.

    I am so sorry for your loss.

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    If there aren't dogs in heaven, then I dont' want to go there. Where-ever mine went, is right where I want to be as well. I have 3 right now and they all seem to have what I call "the look" .... when they do something they know you aren't going to like (like chew up your socks) and then look at you like , "but you know I love you " , and the next thing ya know.... your saying.. 'ah well, I can always get new socks'. Now, they have their "own pile" of socks and leave mine alone.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. They take a piece of us with them. Katie will always be with you. She obviously knew you loved her too.
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    I am sorry for your loss.

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    Very sorry for your loss. It is obvious to me from your words that you and your wife provided an awesome home for her and more than made up for whatever trials she faced before you knew her. Rescued dogs seem to instinctively know when they've finally made it to a place where they will be loved and cared for, and they can finally come out of their shell and be a member of the pack.

    I firmly believe that bringing in the vet for the final time is an act of courage and love, taking away a beloved animal's suffering by taking on the pain of their loss. Your words about Katie are a credit to you - and to her.

    Hang in there. It gets better, eventually.
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