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Thread: Eight Weeks Old...

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    Congrats Ret good lookin pup

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    RR and IW in the same house. Nobody can say you'll not be well protected.
    Little Gunner looks like a handful ... but then, most all little pups are. Hopefully he'll get the lay of the land quickly. And with the help of the "big gun" (IW), I'm sure he'll see how it's done quickly enough.

    Congrats on the new little bundle of fun!

    ^^^^^Thats the first^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Thing to come to my mind!
    Both those breeds are very family oriented, and the RR was breed to hunt LIONS, and is fearless.
    My 8 yr old saw the pic and said "thats what I want"
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    I keep seeing all these cute pictures of puppies everywhere. I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something.

    Gotta research this breed. Very cute puppy. I hope he brings you guys years of enjoyment. Now, if he starts reading DC on his own.......
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    Quite a handsome pup. He'll fit in to your family nicely.

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    I just made the mistake of opening this thread... mostly that photo... with my wife right next to me...

    good lookin pup man.

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    Nice addition to the family RET.

    Dogs truly are man's best friend.
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    Looks very proud, confident and fearless.

    Looks like you are going to have fun. Be sure to declare which part of the bed is yours, now ..... while you have the chance.

    Is Maggie looking at you like "why did you do this " , or " you brought me a friend " ...... I have a feeling Gunner will establish his ground soon enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    Looks very proud, confident and fearless.

    Looks like you are going to have fun. Be sure to declare which part of the bed is yours, now ..... while you have the chance.

    Is Maggie looking at you like "why did you do this " , or " you brought me a friend " ...... I have a feeling Gunner will establish his ground soon enough.
    Confident and fearless? Absolutely...
    The breeder said that this male was the feisty one of "20" (in two litters). She said that most of the other pups did not mingle much with her other 11 adult RR's. But Gunner here, was so bold as to get in the middle of them all and stake his place.
    This has proven true at our house. This 8-week old little guy has already made it known to our Irish Wolfhound that, "There's a new sheriff in town".
    Obviously, an IW is not going to tear into a pup as I think her mother instincts are beginning to kick in...she doesn't understand WHO brought this little guy into HER house. She does stay out of his way though, and she is slowly getting closer to this 'midget' with a big badge. It is fun to watch the relationship growing in just four days.
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    Congratulations on your additional family member

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    Congrats on a fine looking pup. We lost our golden retriever a few years ago and still consider getting another . We let our Shepard play with our friends yellow lab , both tend to go home wet with slobber from hard playing / wrestling. I have considered getting another retriever/lab however I'm not sure if I want two dogs with wet fur in the house constantly.
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    Nice looking pup
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    Congrats, what a nice looking pup! I'm sure he'll bring you lots of joy and love!
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