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Where were you on 9/11/01?

This is a discussion on Where were you on 9/11/01? within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I was standing on a parade field at Fort Huachua AZ. Went from a change of a command to a get a rifle and get ...

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Thread: Where were you on 9/11/01?

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    Miami Florida / Michigan
    I was standing on a parade field at Fort Huachua AZ. Went from a change of a command to a get a rifle and get to the gate.

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    CSRA, GA
    Training a new employee in Johnston SC

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    Las Vegas
    I was at the LDS missionary training center in Provo UT. Since the rules are very strict there we did not watch it as it unfolded, but were simply told about it by my Spanish teacher as class began. I didn't actually see any footage of the event until 2 years later when I got home.


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    Northern Kentucky
    I was on the phone with a coworker on the 100 floor of the first tower hit. Heard it hit. Some things you don't forget.
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    Feb 2010
    Louisville Ky. waiting to jump seat back to Fla. on Delta Airlines. At least I was stranded at home with the wife.
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    Charlottesville, VA
    I was picking up my nephew for a job interview at the same facility I work at. When we got to the facility my Lieutenant asked how soon can I return to duty. After I took my newphew back to his place I found out how quickly I could get ready and be back for duty in full uniform. We worked 12 hour shifts with one or two days off a month for something like 4-6 months. Everybody was doing their part and more. Anytime we needed extra time off to recharge other officers jumped in to pick it up because they knew we were there when they needed the time.

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    Aug 2012
    Louisville, Kentucky
    Belgrade, Serbia. i was playing darts with my friends. when i came home i found out what happened since every news outlet in the world was reporting exact same story.

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    +42.893612,-082.710236 , Mi.
    Was in Buffalo NY.
    Delivering Ferric Chloride to the Goodyear plant.
    The tank farm opperator comes out and says, " hey somebody flew a plane into one of the tall bldg. in NYC.
    I thought he was beginning to tell me a joke or something.
    Went and jumped up in the truck, turned the FM radio up and lo and behold..................

    This also comes to mind.....

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    oshkosh wisconsin
    I was building conveyors at nercon in oshkosh wisconsin. when i walked into the break room the second plane had just hit.
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    Ames, IA
    I was working construction, helping put up a tin roof a week before I started my first year of college. The radio announcer had said on the drive over that a small single engine plane had hit one of the towers, but it was an accident. Later, one of the worker's wife drove up and told us what happened. It was obvious to us that everything had changed.

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    I was in my car, listening to the radio, stuck in traffic approaching the George Washington Bridge. When the first report came in, I immediately thought a terrorist had bought, stolen, or rented a Cessna, loaded it with explosives, and flown it into the building.

    They were speaking to an eyewitness on the radio, who was in a tall building north of the towers. He started screaming that there was a huge fireball on the other tower - that was the second impact. I drove over the bridge, and could see the smoke in the distance. I was worried that the next plane would hit the bridge.

    Drove out to a customer's office on Long Island, via the Throgs Neck bridge. I had a view of both towers burning, with the smoke blowing almost horizontally to the south.

    When I got to my destination, everyone was watching the TV. I stepped outside to call my wife, who worked in NJ and who had a view of downtown NYC. She told me the first tower had collapsed. I thought it was a partial collapse of the upper floors. No, she said, the whole tower came down.

    By the time I got through to call my dad (the phone lines were jammed), the second tower had also collapsed. He worked in Queens - he had a view of the smoke that looked like a volcanic eruption. He asked me what I thought it all meant. I told him - "We're at war."

    I took local roads back to the vicinity of the Throgs Neck Bridge. Ate lunch at a McDonalds - with the huge plume of smoke in the distance. It was surreal.

    When the roads were reopened, I was one of the first cars over the bridge. I raced north to a Red Cross blood donation center. When I got there, the lines were around the block - people waiting to donate.

    Drove home. A week later, I went to see a customer in Brooklyn. The streets were filled with papers and dust blown over by the collapse. The smell of fire - burning plastic - was heavy in the air. I still have the tie I wore that day - I've never washed it.
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    I was in a Cardiologists office waiting to see if I had a real or imaginary heart problem. Turned out it was real...

    Remember thinking my problems were small in comparison to the victims of that attack and their families.
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    Ft. Myers / Orlando FL
    I was in school, and I found out by them turning the TV on. We watched in disbelief

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    Jan 2012
    So N.V
    I was in Yellowstone Nat. Park. They were recording all license plates on vehicles when we left.


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    Jan 2007
    I was at home thirty miles north of the pentagon watching Headline News after getting off a midnight to eight shift. My house was pretty much on the line between Shanksville, PA and Washington D.C. If flight 93 hadn't gone down when it did it would have passed over me about ten minutes later.
    I will never forget, Headline News had just given the tease for their "Road Warriors" segment. They were going to tell us about how rental car companies were ordering cars with CD players instead of cassette players now. Never got to see that segment.
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