Reflections of Nov. 6th 2012, Inspired by Henry David Thoreau.(long)

Reflections of Nov. 6th 2012, Inspired by Henry David Thoreau.(long)

This is a discussion on Reflections of Nov. 6th 2012, Inspired by Henry David Thoreau.(long) within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I know we all had a lot riding on this election, as this was the one that we all considered to be either the moment ...

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Thread: Reflections of Nov. 6th 2012, Inspired by Henry David Thoreau.(long)

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    Reflections of Nov. 6th 2012, Inspired by Henry David Thoreau.(long)

    I know we all had a lot riding on this election, as this was the one that we all considered to be either the moment that our republic would take its last breath, or live to fight another day. Frankly, Im more confounded than I am disappointed. Its puzzling to me how half the country, even when informed of potential dangers and pitfalls of its habits and vices, will continue on its path when it means certain ruin. The national debt, unemployment levels that just wont stay down, an international community that doesnt take us seriously anymore, the list goes on and on and its almost pointless to argue about it.

    If I had to put this in a metaphore, its almost like trying to convince your crack-addicted, alcoholic sister to leave her abusive boyfriend who is now introducing her to meth. She knows she wont live to see her old age, but she loves him so much because even though he will never pay his half of the rent, she just cant resist that rich baritone singing voice. A bit of a drastic comparison, but I've come across these types of people before and it amazes you that creatures known as humans this is capable of flying to the moon, writing hundreds of thousands of pages of intellectual musings, pioneer several thousand square miles of unexplored terrain, and build a nation that was designed to foster the human spirit, can just as easily forget its destiny as a nation. Only then does it cannibalize itself. After watching many hours of Animal Planet, after awhile, you begin to understand why people do the things they when confronted with certain situations in terms of basic survival. You would also notice that not one single animal has developed a habit that is counterproductive to its overall basic drive to survive and flourish. Even Lemmings have a legitimate reason to go head-long off of cliff's.

    Of all the creatures on God's green earth, Humans are the only ones who make conscious decisions that destroy themselves. The scope of these decisions and there effects are widely debatable as to whether they truly are beneficial to their interests, or ultimately the one that seals their fate. For all our ability to be rational thinking beings, we belittle our selves to a level of being motivated by the latest fads and "a la mode" schools of thought which ultimately perverts the thought process involved in solving any particular problem in basic terms of survival. Examples include the beaver, who builds a dam to provide itself a home and to expand its natural habitat, thus providing more opportunity for other creatures that have common interests in that habitat. Or the otter who has taught itself to use rocks to break open clams, and even the lowly Ant, who organizes in numbers to build vast cities and provide common defense for its inhabitants.

    But tonight, we have seen the opposite. We as a nation and a people have knowingly made a decision that we know is counter productive to our existance. Even with this decisive statement, it is debatable as to whether it ultimately true. For all the most common sense philosophies of how the world should work, it apparent to see that our world is far more complicated than that of a more simpler animal with basic motivation. For all the competing forces at work in the world, it is fruitless to assume that one force will grow so large to become un-challenge able. Just as a plagues of locusts ultimately die off because a lack of food, or a surge in the rat population is halted because of the increased opportunity for owls, hawks and birds of prey. Even with the election of Barrack Hussein Obama, one could see that the surge in this a la mode fad has been blunted. The popular vote is far closer than it previously was, indicating that we have grown in numbers and are no longer hopelessly consumed by this fad. Further proof of this is the filibuster proof majority in the House of Representatives, in addition to grid-locked Senate. Putting this in simpler terms, what we have now is the same, if not more favorable environment than what we had in in the late 90's. A government that is operating the way should (more or less)by not having one branch in complete control. Checks and Balances. It was once chronicled in the late 1700's, at the dawn of our nation, that a bill came to the legislature from George Washington. He would pace the chambers for hours, becoming so furious with the slow process, the hurdles, and the potential for defeat, that he came to the realization how a position of authority and power can be abused in such a way that it becomes exactly what they had just defeated.

    Take comfort in knowing that his hands are tied, and our republic lives to fight another day. It may become harder for us as days go on, we will cry out and curse this government for it incompetence, but America is not its government, as it never has been. America is the idea that we all have of how it should be. That our ideas will always conflict. America is still the idea that we are still who God intended us to be, self reliant, entrepreneurial, opportunistic, and innovative. Ultimately, free to be stubborn and not go along with the fashion of the day

    Sleep tight America. In the end everything will be alright. Right now, nothings alright, therefore, it is not the end.
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    Relax, we've been thru worse.
    Don't believe what you hear and only half of what you see!
    -Tony Soprano

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    Quote Originally Posted by varob View Post
    Relax, we've been thru worse.
    What varob said^^^^ and...............

    Its now time to move on and hopefully the politicians will make some sound bi-partisan decisions that will benefit the people(us), not either party and not the people(lobbyists/corporations) that the Supreme Court claims they are.
    "One of the greatest delusions in the world is the hope that the evils in this world are to be cured by legislation."
    --Thomas B. Reed, American Attorney

    Second Amendment -- Established December 15, 1791 and slowly eroded ever since What happened to "..... shall not be infringed."

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    Well said xsigma. I'm just flabbergassed this morning that we as a nation have become so reliant on government handouts that we will vote for failure.

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    Republicans still have Congress. Thats a plus.

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