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Had To Let My Dog Go Today

This is a discussion on Had To Let My Dog Go Today within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I really hate these stories because nothing seems more difficult than having to deal in such a way with a faithful canine. I feel your ...

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Thread: Had To Let My Dog Go Today

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    I really hate these stories because nothing seems more difficult than having to deal in such a way with a faithful canine.
    I feel your pain and I understand the difficult process.
    DC is filled with gun lovers, but even more so with dog lovers.
    Rest assured, you are in the thoughts of many fellow members.
    Hang in there...
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Very sorry for your loss. I know the pain all too well. Dec. 24th will be the 4 month anniversary of losing my Katie.

    You did the right thing for her and I don't believe the intruder did anything too her. Older dogs get more insecure and rely heavily on the safety and security of their home. They just can't tolerate changes in their environment as they age.

    I am very sorry for your loss.

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    Very sorry jojo. It's a road we have been down before also. It's tough.
    " Blessed is that man, who when facing death, thinks only of his front sight"
    -Jeff Cooper

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    Sorry for your loss JoJo. Those of us that are blessed to be owned by a good dog, know how tough it is to say goodbye. You can bet that pup will be waiting on you and yours when you arrive at the pearly gates.
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    Man jojo, I'm really sorry to hear this... Hang in there.
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    Very sorry to hear of your loss JoJo. It always seems so unfair that our best friends' lives seem to be cut short even when they've lived a long and full life in their terms. Rest in peace Smore.
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    Sorry for your loss JoJo.

    Not much anyone can say at a time like this but just remember that we are all still here for you and your local shelter has lots of dogs that need a loving home. When the time is right please consider adopting one from the shelter.

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    JoJo...so sorry for your loss. It's always tough having to let them go but in the end it was best for her. She was hurting and you helped her end that pain.

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    I am really sorry to hear that! We just put down our last week. We had him for 10 years and diabetes really took a toll on him.

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    Sorry to read this bud. I know its tough I cried harder for my German Shepherd than some people I knew, They just get to our hearts. They seem to teach us something while there here with us too.. I swore I would not get another dog after but I did some 4 month later, rescued a german shep pup and she is so good.

    Cry it out man, all the best and sorry for your loss

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    The loyalty she placed in you was not misplaced, as much as it now hurts. She walked the final path with you, loyally, knowing you would have the correct answer. You are the best owner a pet can have. You're in my thoughts.
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    Sorry for your loss. There is never a good time to lose a companion. Unfortunately all of us that keep companion animals have gone through what you are going through. It never gets any easier, no matter how many time you experience it. As others have said, the pain will lessen much more rapidly and completely if you treasure the memories and put the last few days aside..
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    I'm so sorry to hear the news. Everyone who loves "pets" hate to do it but we all know their time with us is limited. Sometimes they need our help to ease their pain. They love completely and we miss that love. It is normal. In time you will find another. Not to replace her but to continue to share the same type of love. Take care and stay safe.

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    I feel for you. I'm afraid I am getting ever closer to having to make that decision again for my remaining dog.

    As much as it hurts, you made the right decision to end her suffering.

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    You made me cry,I had to take my lab in 7/3/10 she could no longer stand up,I took her to the vet andspent the last few minutes reminiscing about duck hunting,and cat chasing and how she was the best dog in the world and she would be missed.
    I know your pain
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