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What do you collect, other than guns?

This is a discussion on What do you collect, other than guns? within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; besides guns?...Ammunition...for my guns....

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Thread: What do you collect, other than guns?

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    North Dakota is open for business!!
    besides guns?...Ammunition...for my guns.
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    Springfield xd 45, Sig Sauer SP2022(9mm),Remington 700(.308), Yugo M10 variant w/IZH Kobra optic,...and lots of ammo for all of 'em.

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    Well, besides collecting guns, now I'm collect ammo. (Getting real hard to find, too).

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    Coins actually have a full set of Mercury dimes to include the 1916D and the 1941/42. Morgan dollars have all but the 1893S and many other full sets.
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    Nascar Diecast, I have Every Car Dale Sr. raced exept for his 1997 Wheaties car, most of Dale Jr's, And most of Kevin Harvick's, Plus many misc. special paint schemes.
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    Mostly ammo

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    I have a large Fire Service and EMS collection. All types of related objects. I got a old Deitz lantern from a very old Seagrave horse drawn vehicle at a auction for 75 dollars and took it to the Antique Road Show and found out it was worth ALOT more than what I paid. Also found out my Fire Department Yearbook from the 70s was worth a pretty dollar also. My favorites are the horse drawn rigs and older fire trucks. I have a wonderful fire Christmas tree that is on display all year old. I will have to get some pictures when the entire collection is set up. I have it in the dining area because it is one of my fondest memories of my 15 years on the Department. Sitting around the table...talking...joking...discussing (plus the TV was there too ). Good times.

    I also collect unusual dolls. Many I have made and dressed. I really like Automatons (mechanical) dolls...many I have made myself.

    I have a decades old collection of creamers....started by my grandmother. I plan to put them on one wall in the kitchen.

    I have other collections, but space is going to make me put many of them on ebay. Can't keep everything.
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    Watches, pipes, vintage DE razors.
    I'd rather be lucky than good any day

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    Wish I could say women, but Hugh Hefner I'm not.

    Looking at our house, one would have to say, "a little bit of everything".
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    Re: What do you collect, other than guns?

    Shot glasses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryBadger417 View Post
    I love to collect razors and shaving brushes, kind of hard in WV, there aren't a lot of antique shops. Just a bunch of pawn shops stacked full of junk. My favorite razor is my grandpas old merkur razor. I still shave with it sometimes
    I have a couple old straight razors that my Grand Dad brought home from Germany. He was in WW I and was there after the war (Nov. 1918) until he was sent home in December 1919. He used to shave with them and somehow I ended up with the razors. They scare me, they are so sharp, I really don't trust myself opening one!
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    My wife would say....fishing lures (for me)
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    Watches,goes along with the question ;you can use only one at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iguanadon View Post
    Pepsi memorabilia... Bottles dating back to 1906 but my favorite are the cartoon glasses that Pepsi sponsored back in the 1970's. Also old Pepsi clocks, Pepsi signs, Pepsi coolers. Pic of just one of the 2 bookcases full of bottles and glasses, a cooler and a clock

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    What? No Richard Petty bottles??? I have a few of them left still unopened. I am not really a collector of such but I did like Richard Petty.
    I Shoot Birds With A Canon.

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    Bottles of tequila.(full)
    Just incase when SHTF I can drink myself to death...


    A couple things I used to collect were coins and rocks

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    When I was 8 years old I collected hamburger boxes from the fast food places, then my closet got smelly and my mom tossed them out!
    Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.
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