Pearl Harbor after visiting hours

Pearl Harbor after visiting hours

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Thread: Pearl Harbor after visiting hours

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    Pearl Harbor after visiting hours

    This is something I never knew. You might like to see this, too.

    Eternal Peace - YouTube
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    My family was represented there on Dec. 7th......and we're very proud of that.
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    Didn't know that either. That's awesome.
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    Some things are still done right. This is one of them. Makes my heart swell when I think of the sailors whose greatest love was ultimately their ship and shipmates.
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    Another virus, it has to be. As soon as I heard Taps my monitor went blurry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paco View Post
    Another virus, it has to be. As soon as I heart Taps my monitor went blurry.
    Mine too.
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    Outstanding video. Thank you for posting this. After all the frustrating discussion regarding the threat to our 2A rights this is the perfect reminder that there is still so much more right than wrong with our great nation.

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    Awesome! Stirring! A little unsettling at the same time.

    I think the blurry monitor virus is spreading.
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    Excellent story. Any American should be moved by such an honorable ceremony. Incredible story.
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    Awesome Thanks

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    Go Navy! People seem to forget just how nasty a naval war can be. I hear people talking about women serving on combat ships and how it's OK because it's just a push button war. They forget that ships get hit and push buttons only work when there is power. They forget that there is no place to run from a fire when at sea and you either fight it AND fight the sea or you die. We have the best and most dominant Navy in the history of the world but sooner or later somebody is going to take a poke at us. I hope we haven't lowered our standards too far or else we will be in trouble.

    The men who served at Pearl Harbor knew what it meant to be sailors. RIP.
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    I'm in this camp here.

    Pretty cool.
    Amazing that they will choose to want to be buried there instead of say, with their wife and kids or the like.
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    Very touching...

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    Yes, very moving...thanks for the post.
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    We have visited Oahu, Hawaii 19 times and visited the USS Arizona 16 times. I had a good friend, a Pearl Harbor survivor, I visited every time I could when we went to HI. He was Richard Fiske and was a bugler on board USS West Virgina. He told me a story that I copied below. He was instrumental in getting the Japanese to come to HI during the 50th Anniversary. They were apprehensive but did come after Dick explained it would not be a media circus. When they showed up, a pilot named Zenji looked at Dick and they recognized each other. Zenji was on the second attack run and dropped a torpedo into the WV and was at bridge level where both Dick and Zehji looked at each other eye to eye. Dick got blown into the water. At the 50th, Zenji said he was thankful the US ended the war with the atomic bombs. Because the US did, he did not have to fly the kamikaze mission and was able to raise a family. Had one daughter that became a doctor and another that became a nurse. He asked Dick to lay flowers at the Arizona for him. This is the back story to the following quote I found on line... thought you all would appreciate this... Dick passed away at 82 and did as requested...

    Fiske had been a volunteer at the Arizona Memorial since 1982. In January, he was among 10 volunteers honored by U.S. Interior Secretary Gale Norton and Hawai'i Gov. Linda Lingle for contributing more than 3,000 hours of his time to the memorial.

    Before his death, Fiske made peace with the enemy of his youth, becoming friends with Zenji Abe, a Japanese dive-bomber pilot who had participated in the second wave of attacks on Pearl Harbor and the bombing of the West Virginia.

    Abe, too, had made a career of the military, retiring as an admiral. In 1991, on Abe's third trip to Pearl Harbor and the Arizona, he gave Fiske $300 and asked him to lay two roses at the memorial each month, one for him and one for Fiske. He also asked Fiske to play taps.

    Fiske promised to continue the tribute for as long as he lived.

    He kept his word, his son said.
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