I'm kind of proud of this.....a little bragging

I'm kind of proud of this.....a little bragging

This is a discussion on I'm kind of proud of this.....a little bragging within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I posted a thread a few months ago about my current quest to lose weight and get my sorry butt in shape. Well, I just ...

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    I'm kind of proud of this.....a little bragging

    I posted a thread a few months ago about my current quest to lose weight and get my sorry butt in shape.

    Well, I just wanted to toss out a little update. When this whole thing started, after I was told by my Doctor that I was diabetic, I weighed in at 265 pounds. As of this morning (actually yesterday morning, Saturday morning) I tipped the scales at 190 pounds. I have gone from a size 42 pants size to a size 36. I have had to buy all new clothes. I put on one of my size 3XL T-shirts the other day to do some yard work in and it looked like I was trying to wear a tent. I had to change the shirt as it kepts getting in my way, there was just too much fabric hanging off me.

    I feel better than I have for years. My knees (both rebuilt after a ship board accident in 1992 while in the US Navy) do not hurt anymore. I sleep better. I have tons more energy. My mind if clearer and my mental focus is as good as when I was 25. (I'm 38 now) My back doesn't hurt when I get up in the morning. Everything is better. Everything...if you get my meaning.
    I can conceal my gun MUCH better than I could when I was heavy.

    All I can say to anyone out there who is wishing they could lose weight, go for it. No pill or fad diet is going to do it for you. I tried those, they are crap. I have done this by simply eating much better, and less than I was before, excercising my butt off and lifting weights. My ultimate goal is 165 pounds. That would put me at 100 total pounds lost. I am just 25 pounds away from that now.

    It is surprising how much better able I am to protect myself and my family now. I encourage anyone out there who needs it to get into shape. It is a life altering experience.
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    In high school I went from a bulky 280 lbs to a slim 180. It was truly a life shaping experience as you noted.

    Since I've gone into college I've let myself slip a little and need to get back on the ol' mountain bike to take some of it off, but between work, school, and making time for shooting it's just not easy!

    - Ryan
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    Great effort!

    Keep up the good work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PT-111 View Post
    When this whole thing started, after I was told by my Doctor that I was diabetic, I weighed in at 165 pounds.
    Was that 265? If so, awesome job! Definitely an occasion to 'stay the course'!
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    Ok, good work!

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    Congrats on the Loss...Healthy Choice...

    What is the starting weight you state in the thread?
    Nothing feels better than losing a 'ton' of weight...the energy seems to really increase...and one doesn't have to hold his breath to put on socks anymore.
    New clothes?
    Most closets are arranged Summer...Fall...Winter, mine is 230#'s, 210#'s, and 190#'s(my current wardrobe).
    I've been way up there too, but the last bout of kidney surgery trimmed my weight right down...I wouldn't recommend that diet to any one!

    Stay safe...

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    One thing I have found that keeps me motivated is keeping a journal of all my workouts. It is really encouraging when you can look back and see your progress over the course of a few months. Keep up the great work!!!!

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    I know the feeling, I dropped about 60 pounds a couple years ago. Sometimes the other trick is keeping it off! Keep up the good work.

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    Excellent results and kudos for sticking it out - now to maintain that too. You are obviously and deservedly well pleased

    I am ever so fortunate, that my weight has been very self-limiting overall - sure I have a bit of extra 'real estate' anteriorly but I still have, even without work-outs, some muscle definition remaining.

    Muscle weighs heavier than fat so my current weight of around 200#- 205# stays pretty stable even tho I eat pretty well. From age 18 or so right thru until late 40's I guess I was always about 175#.
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    Good for you!
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    Great job. Quality of life improves as your fitness/heath gets better for sure.
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    Very nice! that is an amazing difference for sure. 75 lbs gone! way to go PT.

    Train and train hard, you might not get a second chance to make a first impression!

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    Way to go Pt-111!!!
    Soon you will be in the streets.
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    That's awesome!

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