Saying Goodbye to a Faithful Canine Friend Really Hurts...

Saying Goodbye to a Faithful Canine Friend Really Hurts...

This is a discussion on Saying Goodbye to a Faithful Canine Friend Really Hurts... within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This was not a good day for our household. Today we lost one of our two dogs, Maggie, our Irish Wolfhound. Every day, Maggie and ...

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Thread: Saying Goodbye to a Faithful Canine Friend Really Hurts...

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    Saying Goodbye to a Faithful Canine Friend Really Hurts...

    This was not a good day for our household. Today we lost one of our two dogs, Maggie, our Irish Wolfhound.

    Every day, Maggie and Gunner our Rhodesian Ridgeback pup (now 7 mos), play pretty rough in the backyard. They take turns chasing each other, but if I open the door and ask, "Who wants a bone?"...they both stop dead in their tracks and make a b-line for the door...come in and stop at the freezer.

    This afternoon was no different, they were playing hard, but when I called them in, Maggie just stopped and started throwing up. She eventually came in, but threw up several more times. By dinner, they are usually around our table...they stand back, but they know they'll usually get something left they wait quietly. Tonight, Maggie just went to lay down on her bed...I took notice, but didn't think much of it. In fact, I went and got a couple of Pepto Bismal tabs to give her after we ate.

    My wife went into our bedroom and came back out and told me that Maggie was now just laying on the bathroom floor whimpering and looking bloated. When I heard that, I scooped her up and headed to the University of Florida's Vet Clinic. I called ahead and they met me at the emergency door. Maggie was constantly moaning on the way there and really getting noticeably more bloated.

    They took her in the back and in about 20 minutes, the Dr. came out to inform me that Maggie was beyond saving...her stomach has twisted and had cut off her blood flow. They could open her up to view details, but x-rays told them what they pretty much thought.

    So tonight I had to say goodbye to a faithful and beautiful canine friend...a four year old Irish Wolfhound who loved people, especially kids...she was a loving dog.

    Those of you, and I know there are many on the forum, who have had to say goodbye to a canine friend, know exactly how I feel.
    She was a very special friend to my wife and I...and the little boy across the street (he's going to be crushed)...this was a tough night.

    Just thought I'd I hate times like this!
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    I am so sorry for you! You're in my thoughts. It is so tough, especially when they are so young and it's unexpected. Torsions are horrible. So sorry you had to go through that.
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    Ret I am very, very sorry for the loss. Its hard, because they are family. I had the same type of ordeal with my beloved German Shepherd a couple of years back.
    Keep your head up dude.
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    Very sad news. Dogs touch our souls in ways that few humans can match. In her too-brief four years with you, I'm sure Maggie knew she was loved. Thoughts are with you tonight.
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    I'm really sorry for your loss. We're dog lovers. Each one has it's own personality, and they are indeed family. I'm glad you had such a faithful friend, and I mourn with you in your loss.
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    so very sorry for your loss.

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    So very sorry for your loss. They become family members. I lost my boy 3 years ago this month, and I think about him everyday. Take peace knowing that you gave her a good life, and will one day be reunited.

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    Sorry for your loss . Me dogs are a member of our family , we consider them our kids !,

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    My dog went in a similar way. It's hard.

    Chin up. Remember your friend, and the memories of times you all shared with Maggie.
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    Thats gotta be extra hard,I know you lost one last year from a freak accident,thoughts and prayers
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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    I feel for you and yours........ My sincearest condolences

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    ...prayers for you and your family...I'm convinced God gave us dogs so that we could learn a bit about unconditional love...
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    I send heartfelt support for/to you and family, Retsupt99.
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    I am sorry for your loss.

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