Great morning so far. . . if that is what u want to call it

Great morning so far. . . if that is what u want to call it

This is a discussion on Great morning so far. . . if that is what u want to call it within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; So in Ohio today there is a nasty snow storm. I woke up taking my time to work and as I was turning right my ...

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Thread: Great morning so far. . . if that is what u want to call it

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    Great morning so far. . . if that is what u want to call it

    So in Ohio today there is a nasty snow storm. I woke up taking my time to work and as I was turning right my car did a 180 in the middle of the road. About 10 mins later I crossed lanes and must of hit a rock and did another 180 and skimmed a Civic. Luckly she was very understanding ans knew that neither of us had control over the situation at hand. She pulled over and made sure everything was ok. What a morning huh?

    Atleast she was very nice about me marking her car and if I would see her in the mall I will buy her lunch. It always could be worse.
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    Ahh, driving in snow. the first snow up here always brings a lot of accidents. Hope you day gets better.
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    glad no one was hurt, drive safe......
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    Watch those Ohio drivers when the "White Death" hits. We got a decent amount here in Columbus where all the foreign exchange students drive around campus, and for some of them it is their first time ever driving in snow, not cool. I'm on break from classes now so I have to shoot down 71 in the snow today. Gald you are ok, stay safe
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    Just wondering, do you have snow tires (with studs) and chains on your car/wheels?

    I've found that those work great here when going over the mountains, the studs stick into the ice and the chains give you traction.

    I don't know if you can use both at the same time on normal studded tires, the ones that I got (great deal on them or else I couldn't afford) have the chains snugged down inbetween the studs so they don't push the studs into the tire or interact with them in any way.


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    Just starting to get some here in KY.
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    Light rain and 69 degrees in central florida

    Couldn't help it

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    I always make my Canadain wife drive in snow . Of course it hasn't snowed in Montgomery, AL in 7 years

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    Wow, thanks for reminding me about what I'm glad I don't deal with anymore! Too many years of freezing and a case of frostbit toes!!! I'll take the sub tropics to tropics now....
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    Like broskisr can't help it 80 degrees and calm in Riverside,ca would mow lawn but to hot today....But will endevor to carry on ..............D
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    Central Florida

    From Michigan To Florida...

    Ah....It's cold today here too! I was forced to wear my longer shorts.
    Every new home purchase in my neighborhood gets free snow plowing for 10 years...

    Enjoy the weather, I used to...'past Michigander'...

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    In Minnesota, snow driving is hereditary...

    Then, we get to practice it almost year-round...
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