Prayer Needed

Prayer Needed

This is a discussion on Prayer Needed within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I thought I was going to be off for a while but things are looking alittle better. Got one of those phone calls you never ...

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Thread: Prayer Needed

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    Prayer Needed

    I thought I was going to be off for a while but things are looking alittle better. Got one of those phone calls you never want to get. Your fathers in ambulance on the way to the hospital think hes having a HA. Well, went to the hospital right away, he was in emergency care. The story he called his Assitant and said I need H20 and aspirin Right now. My father is no dummy hes got a PH.D and he was in the Air Force as a Light Col. For 20+ years. He taught at USAFA in the prepschool Chem department and taught Soaring classes to air force academy cadets. He now has his own glider and flys for CAP. He was involved in flying MS cadets for colleges at Mary Baldwin, Wash and Lee, and my old school VMI. He also did some counter drug stuff with CAP (flying over fields and documenting any unusual crops), and flying some stuff after 9-11 where he was given certain routes to fly and see how long it took for radar to pick him up and be intercepted. My point is he loves flying. Hes up every week if not more than that.
    Well the hospital said its not a HA but they think its a extreme case of Vertigo. Which he has had to experience being a pilot in simulators where the instructors induced Vertigo to the students.

    If he does infact have this his flying carreer is probably over. Waiting for the Cat scan to come back but at least it seems like hes doing better.

    Will update.

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    My Dad had a Heart Attack about 10 years ago. It is a very scary thing. Your Dad and your family is in my prayers

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    Thanks for the update. Good to hear it wasn't a heart attack, not that the vertigo is a great outcome, but I think better than a heart attack. Prayers sent.
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    Glad to hear that it wasn't a heart attack.
    Prayers are in progress.
    Keep us posted.
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    hope he gets better soon
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hope he soars again.

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    I hope that he is fine & that everything turns out to be OK.
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    your family are in my prayers
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    Prayer sent.

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    Had a heart attack 9 months ago .Hope he makes a speedy recovery. he is our prayers. good luck.

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    Prayers for your father, your family, and you have gone up.

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