Lost my buddy...

Lost my buddy...

This is a discussion on Lost my buddy... within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Some here may know, I have (had) a GSD and border collie mix. His name was Bo.. After 15 years I had to put him ...

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Thread: Lost my buddy...

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    Lost my buddy...

    Some here may know, I have (had) a GSD and border collie mix. His name was Bo.. After 15 years I had to put him down. His hips were so bad that during the final day, he could not stand. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. We had been thru a lot together so the hurt is deep. Here is a pick with Baby girl...He past about 3 months ago...


    On to the next chapter. I could never replace a buddy like Bo, those that have had to put their buddies down understand this. The wife and I were at the local petco and came across a husky border collie mix pup. Well a 9 month old pup..Her name Is Jinx short for Hijinx. She is a stinker to say the least. We went thru a week process to adopt Jinx, she was abused at her prior home and was taken from the owners by animal control. We are going into our third week with her, and to be honest it has been fun. She is to dam smart for her own good. You cannot tell by the pic, but she has sky blue eyes, my cell camera is not that good...Both my wife and I along with the kids are happy to have the new addition to our family......

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    Sorry for your loss. And congrats on your new family member.
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    Sorry for your loss but glad you are taking the steps needed and for adopting a pet thats needs you as much as you need her .
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    Sorry for your loss. We really get attached to them and it can hurt. But you saved one as a result. Sounds like Jinx has won the doggy lottery!
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    Sorry for the loss. They make us better in all ways.

    Congratulations on the newest member of your family.

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    Buddy, I've been where you are more times than I care to think of and feel your pain.

    May Jinx help you through the healing process and may you find some solace in the following..................

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    I am so glad that you went the route of adopting a rescue animal. One thing that gets my dander up is abuse to animals and kids.

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    Guy I've been there enjoy the new family member and be patient with her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    ... a 9 month old pup..Her name Is Jinx short for Hijinx. She is a stinker to say the least. We went thru a week process to adopt Jinx, she was abused at her prior home and was taken from the owners by animal control. We are going into our third week with her ...

    Jinx looks totally rapt and alert, there. Eyes that don't miss a thing, I'd say. With your prior background with border collie types, you know what the routine is for keeping her interested and tasked. Ought to be great fun, particularly if she's takin' to the new digs like a duck on water.

    Sorry to hear about Bo. It's never easy to help a friend along the last road. Have had to do that before, like most folks. Bo will be waiting for all of you, once you catch up.
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    Sorry for your loss..Maybe the other can ease the pain a little anyway. Some people don't understand how just attached you can get to them.I have a lab and she is cool and one of my best friends.

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    Sorry to hear it, Harry. Very glad to hear you picked up a new friend to help, though.

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    Prayers for you to recover from such a loss. I have been there too many times. It just seems wrong that dogs have such shorter lives than we do.

    I now have a Rott/Shep I got from a Navy dog handler... he flunked 'basic' (most do). He was a day away from 'the pound' when I found him. The military has their dogs bred in Germany & the combo is no accident, purebreds have too many health issues.
    He is DEFINITELY the wife's dog/protector... thats fine. But, he is 13 yrs old now... don't like to think about that.

    I had a terrier just walk into my garage one day during a storm. Long story: Couldn't find owners, dog isn't yappy, has zero bad behaviors, cute as a button.... that was 9 years ago & he was no puppy... 'He decided' he is my dog.

    Nuts, both are perfectly behaved & trained, but are in their teens. We even have a Cockatiel that was found half frozen on the lawn 11 years ago.

    When the dogs go, we will find other Mutt castaways. I have never been without at least one dog, for long. Our last 2 dogs passed at 14 & 17. Dang it hurts.
    Only "Idiots" would 'go through it again. And again....
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    those that have had to put their buddies down understand this.

    That would be me and others here also so we know exactly what you are going through.

    It sure is one of the toughest things.

    My condolences.
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    Sorry for your loss Harry.

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