Cancer battle--brief update

Cancer battle--brief update

This is a discussion on Cancer battle--brief update within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; OK, not a lot of news, YET . I finished 5 weeks of daily radiation and 9 weeks of concurrent chemo about 5 weeks ago. ...

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Thread: Cancer battle--brief update

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    Cancer battle--brief update

    OK, not a lot of news, YET. I finished 5 weeks of daily radiation and 9 weeks of concurrent chemo about 5 weeks ago. My strength and endurance have been SLOWLY returning. I had about two months where eating or drinking anything was a struggle--I started fantasizing about pizza--hot, juicy, greasy with lots of sausage, pepperoni, olives, onions, you get the picture. I promised myself that when my throat would allow me, that the first thing I was going to do was that my wife and I would drive into Billings and get a great pizza. I did that two weeks ago.

    My strength and endurance is SLOWLY recovering, but I still get to the bottom of the barrel pretty quickly.

    The big news is that this coming Tuesday I get PET and CT scans, which will tell us how the cancer has responded to the treatments. Right now, we have absolutely NO CLUE. I will admit that this is a really, really very "interesting" place to be sitting. Is it gone (for now)? Has it stayed the same? Has it spread to other places and organs? I just don't know......... Currently I am hoping for the best, but mentally and spiritually planning on how to respond if the news is really ugly.

    I will post again once I know something more definitive.

    By the way, the support and love shown by folks here on DC has been absolutely amazing.........
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    You remain in my Prayers and thoughts sir..

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    Prayers for you and your family. Good luck, and know you are not alone, we here at DC all ride together with you.
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    Glad to hear you're at least in the meadow, for the moment. I wish you well in the upcoming reviews of the scans and tests. May all the gods be shining on you, my friend.

    Stay healthy.

    Have another 'killer' pizza. In Billings, if you're able.

    And know that a lot of us are pulling for you, thinking of you often. Keep your 'left' up.
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    Hang in there and think positive!
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    In my prayers.
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    My heartfelt prayers to you for a full and complete recovery thru our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
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    Your frame of mind is a pillar of strength and inspiration. I admire a man that can look cancer in the eye and tell it to go (insert expletive here) itself.

    Our thoughts and well-wishes are with you always brother!
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    Hang in there Bud!!! We'll keep praying and you keep fighting. Wishing you ALL the best with your continued recovery and upcoming scans!!!!
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    I am praying for you to get well. I have prostate cancer and they have got my psa down to 1, have to take shots the rest of my life. You will be in my thoughts.

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    continued thoughts and prayers sent your way.

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    This is a tough fight you are in. Hang in there and know that you are in our thoughts and Prayers.

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    Still on my DC list...
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    May the Lord our God place His healing hand upon you, guide the hand of those that have charge of your care and treatment, and comfort those around you.
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    Your attitude is amazing. I pray that your courage is noticed by those also fighting cancer and they're able to gain strength and comfort from you and that those feeling troubled examine the reasons why you're able to face the disease as you are and come to find your source of strength and adopt it as their own.

    You will remain in my thoughts and prayers, and on the prayer list of those I serve with at church.
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