My second son is on his way

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Thread: My second son is on his way

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    My second son is on his way

    We had a Thanksgiving Day feast here today. My son in law, Mike, is heading off to start basic training tomorow. He is leaving behind the wife(my daughter) and my 7 month old grandtwins Michael and Laila. He is going to be just like me and my real son, a mechanic. I spent 20 in, so learned to fix anything they had. My son wrenches on M-1 tanks and the son in law is gonna wrench on Bradley IFV's. She will have a very good support base here, I just hope he doesn't get mental about leaving. First time out of state for him. David is in the final stages of his second tour in Iraq, will probably be back here about the time Mike goes over there. I am so proud of those two guys and also of all of the service men and women around the world. They put up with a lot of crap for little pay, to keep us free. Next time you see a military person, shake their hands and tell them thank you. It will make both of you feel good.
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    I'd be proud of them too! You raised them right. I always go shake the hand of a military person and let them know how very much I appreciate them.
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    Pride is shared and enjoyed here too !!

    I have my own small amount of pride growing too - as my step son is into 3 weeks of his basic in USN ....... I think his graduation will be a slight moist eye moment in a few weeks.

    He is hoping to be involved in aviation aspects so it will be an exciting time ahead.

    It'll be great for you to have David home again and Godspeed for Mike when he reaches deployment.

    Bless them all.
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    God speed and safety to your boys!

    God bless them both and our other boys & girls putting their lives on the line for our freedom!!!!
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    Tell em we said thanks for their service.
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    With Respect And Gratitude...

    Thank them for their service...and...

    I do thank every individual I see in a uniform...

    They need to know that they are appreciated and thought of...often!

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    God bless you and your family.
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    Congrats on your new son! It's always good to have a spare...

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    I hope this war is over soon and they all come home safe.

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    Tell them I said thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnimalKracker View Post
    Tell them I said thanks.
    ditto to this

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