Request for prayers for my Wife

Request for prayers for my Wife

This is a discussion on Request for prayers for my Wife within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Asking to keep my wife in prayer. Her multiple sclerosis is going through a major flare up, started a few days ago. While she is ...

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Thread: Request for prayers for my Wife

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    Request for prayers for my Wife

    Asking to keep my wife in prayer. Her multiple sclerosis is going through a major flare up, started a few days ago. While she is a walking miracle we could use a few more. While still able to walk and talk (she wasn't doing that not so long ago) she still has a paralysed intestinal tract which leaves her on a liquid diet for the last 6 months. The flare up though is leaving her very weak and fragile with increased difficulty maintaining her mental focus. She's also having a major attack of optic neuritis in one eye. It isn't focusing right and painful. Also having attacks that feel like painful electric shocks in her arms and legs.

    Summer coming on also means she's trapped indoors because of the heat and that wears on her at times as well. She's starting to worry a lot about the possibility of the neuritis leading to blindness, a real possibility but we hope it won't go that far.

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    May the Lord Bless you both..................Keep the faith!!!!!
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    Ill light a candle for both of you . Be shure you take the time YOU need as well so you can continue your fine job with her .
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    You and your wife are both in our prayers.
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    God bless.
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    You two are in my prayers. May God bless you.
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    Oh Eric - sorry to hear of the downturn - it was so good to know a ways back of her improvement which must have given you both great pleasure.

    I do know MS can be and often is incredibly fickle ..... but hope very much this will be a phase she can again rise out of to some extent.

    Strongest thoughts with you both and feel free to blow smoke here with friends any time - or even if easier drop a PM to some of us ..... there are many listening ears here for you.
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    You are both in my prayers. May I say thank you for being a real man and living up to the obligations you took upon yourself when you wed. In today's "ME" society many men would and many women as well would opt out if their spouse came down with a disease like that. Thank you for being an example of how a real man responds to adversity.

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    At our Friday night Sabbath services, we say a special prayer for those who are ill and in need of healing. I will be sure to include your wife in that prayer Friday night.


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    You have my thoughts, be strong.
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    Prayers said for both of you.

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    I'm really sorry to hear of your wife's is not easy, and she is lucky to have you there.

    I will mention your situation to my wife also, and we will add you to the prayer list.

    Take care...

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    Prayers sent.
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife.

    I rejoiced with you when your wife had the miraculous upturn a (too short) time back, so now I hope and pray for improvement.

    Hang in there and keep the Faith.
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    Hoping that it's a short temporary flare up and that she starts to improve soon.
    Her increased stress and worry likely making the flare up worse yet.
    Stay Strong!
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