The Lord looked out for my family yesterday!

The Lord looked out for my family yesterday!

This is a discussion on The Lord looked out for my family yesterday! within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I know that God was looking after my three year old son and I yesterday. We were involved in a auto accident that could have ...

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Thread: The Lord looked out for my family yesterday!

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    The Lord looked out for my family yesterday!

    I know that God was looking after my three year old son and I yesterday. We were involved in a auto accident that could have been fatal. Long story short, the other driver ran a red light and hit us in the intersection. Just as I was pulling out into the intersection, I saw the other car in my perphrial vision about to impact my driver's side door of my SUV. I floored it, which was just enough so that he impacted right past my rear tire. Thankfully my son was on the opposite side in the back in his child seat. The damage was not too severe and the vehicle will be repaired. Things could have been much worse. At first I was very angry with the man because he was not paying attention. I never let this on though because it is not the Christian thing to do plus when carrying concealed it is never a wise idea to escalate a tense situation. We did go to the emergency room as a precaution because my son is so young. We checked out ok. Just a couple of seatbelt marks and my back hurt a little. I just wanted to say that miracles happen daily and the Lord takes care of us all!
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    Amen. and I'm glad you and your son are OK.

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    Glad you and your family are o.k.
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    Very glad you and yours are OK.

    And on behalf of the EMS crew that came to your scene, whomever they are, thanks for having your child properly secured in the vehicle. I saw a lot of senseless tragedies where a child wasn't properly secured and didn't walk away from a survivable crash.

    Also, please make sure you destroy the car seat immediately and get your insurance to replace it. They are good for a single crash, and are no longer crashworthy after they have been in one.

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    Glad it turned out OK. It just takes a moment of not paying attention for a good person to do something dumb. Glad you didn't lay into him for it.
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    Glad you are both alright. He is good, He is good all the time!

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    Its good to see a man who knows where to direct his thanks. God bless you, HOLYROLLER.

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    Glad to hear you guys are OK, those red light runners are endemic down here. Let's hear it for those child seats! A little divine intervention never hurts either.....
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    It's good to be blessed.
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    Glad to hear everyone was ok. Metal can be straightened and or replaced. People can't.

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    phew, im glad to hear everyones ok!

    god bless!

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    Glad to hear that you and your son are OK. Hope the other driver is too. God's mercy never ceases to amaze me.
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    glad everything turned out ok. god works in all kinds of ways.
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    I am so glad to hear of happy outcomes of tragic events; it cements my beliefs and warms my soul.

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    Glad to hear that both of you are safe. He keeps His hands around those who trust in Him.

    Thanks for sharing of His Providence!!
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