State of Affairs

State of Affairs

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Thread: State of Affairs

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    State of Affairs

    Not sure if this is the right place for this so Mods feel free to move it.

    I began to notice a change in the American climate since I attended college. I am only 23 and know that I do not have the life experinece many on here have had, but have to say I am becoming more and more concerned for my country.

    As I watch the news and listen to talk radio I feel that we are becoming more and more seperated from one another. Not having been alive during the 50's, but listening to my grandparents it would seem that everyone even with their differences were not on complete opposite sides of the fence. We were more united since winning WWII. The state of affairs that all americans knew were that we had the best country in the world and were not afraid for others to know. It is something I saw happen again after 9/11. However, in the wake of 9/11 and with all of the media which has distorted who is to blame for such and act causes me concern. With the upcoming election and the left and right trying to seperate from each other it seems that there is a lot on the line for us all.

    I worry about how our country is going to continue the fight on terror, something we need to be every vigilant against. I also worry about this thugish/gangster life that has been accepted as part of american culture. I worry about the abuse that goes on with our elderly and lack of respect for those who have made the world we know possible. Because of these things I am not sure what kind of hope I have for our country right now. I worry that the children of the hippy-generation and their parents are the ones right now in power and they have a lot at stake for the rest of us and certainly for those of who are in my generation. My generation does not yet have the ability to always get the respect we need to help protect ourselves.

    Coming from a younger perspective I am nervous about where things are going and I guess I am looking for any one who has inspiration or is concerend like myself.
    (I appologizes if this is not making a lot of sense, but I am just worked up about all of it and after the last few days felt I needed to share with others.)

    Thanks to all who take the time to read the rants of a younger generation.

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    My youngest child is your age , and i could not ask for a better hope for America than she is . I will impart the same to you that i have to her . Live moral in all manners . Think before you talk . Be decisive in your opinions . Be honest with all you have occasion to meet . If you must drink to excess be shure and embarrass yourself while you are drunk , reminders of this will teach humility . Be polite allways , but be armed with a defense plan while you say yes sir or yes mam .

    Your right that the country is divided now , and to a large part its my generations fault . We as a rule dont follow the rules outlined above . I have high hopes that on hand off your generation will do better .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
    We only begin to understand folks after we stop and think .

    Criminals are looking for victims, not opponents.

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    Thats some good advice RR.

    wareagleky: Take the media out of it and I'm sure you can see what the media portrays isn't really true. There are morons in every generation, but there is what I believe a majority that actually are good upstanding intelligent people, they just don't get put on MTV.

    Our generation has been shouldering a global war for over 5 years now, and there are still people volunteering to go, knowing that the war may very well last into our grandchildren's lives, but the alternative is unthinkable, so we can't stop fighting. Our generation has paid up front in blood for the future, I say we have the ability to get the respect we deserve to make a difference.

    Sure I am concerned about the future of the country, I plan on living my whole life here, but I think there is a silent majority of good upstanding Americans with strong morals. College is not a good place to get an accurate portrait of our generation. Most of our best members will never make it there, and many of that majority never will.

    The country is divided, but that is the nature of things. It always has been divided by something, now is no different, it just seems to be brought front and center for the sake of ratings.
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    Being surrounded in college and concluding the world has gone to hell is the same as standing in a sewer and concluding the world is full of crap.

    You and Buckeye07 are not that much younger than me, but his post reassures me that it aint all that bad.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    I hope you all are right and I have been out of school for three years now and run into other people outside of my generation. This is due to my work. However I hear in the things they say that we need to move away from policing the world and isolate ourselves that it is unnerving.
    Thanks RR and the rest as I hope you are right that there are more of us who are concerned and taking the steps needed to secure a better tomorrow.

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    The problems is simple:

    America is being dumbed down and becoming sensitive and losing self responsibility.

    This is because everyone is out to protect you: wear a helmet, wear a seat belt... etc and when you do something stupid, it is not your fault it is the fault of the place where your act occured, the manufacturer of the item you were using/wearing at teh time of the accident, the three people in the general vicinity of the accident, of course not your fault. You do not have to take responsibility.

    Parents are lletting their kids be babysat by AOL chatrooms, playstations, and american idol so they are becoming unsocial. Of course they blame teachers and police who have to deal with overcrowded schools most filled with students whose parents are illegal and don't pay taxes, or kids who speak little english and slow classes down due to lack of comprehension. But what do these kids care they will get preferential jobs because of their skin color and the non minority kids who were held back on their account will flip burgers and turn to crime because they can't get jobs. Of course it's the teachers fault because they should teach these kids so lets put the burden on them and not the parents who should have spent more time educating their kids and ensuring they knew what they were being teached.

    Police have to deal with a generation of violence desensitized kids who were brought up with violent video games, violent music, violent and brain numbing TV and learned their social skills telling people off in internet chat rooms because their parents did not want to be bothered raising them. But of course it is the polices fault, they are too abusive so take away their guns and give them bean bags and tasers and of course lets blame them and not the parents.

    Former third world countries are killing us on education. The studenst they produce are smarter, have better family values, and are more marketable. They come here and take jobs our kids should be getting. but don't due to behavioral problems and lack of proper education.

    All this is happening and nobody really cares, we just keep voting the same dumbtards into office year after year who are happpy we are getting dumbed down because they are getting rich off of us with land and oil deals and other shady politics, all the while investing their money in markets that used to be our inferiors like china, europem and great britian, and buying land in south america. We make them rich and they could care less about us.

    Of course now we have religious fanatics planning our demise, a declining social structure, lack of education, greater spread between social classes, the threat of nuclear/biological attack, the very real threat of hyperinflation and economic collapse and nobody is doing a damn thing about it because all of those who are able to are getting rich and don't care and the people are so infatuated with american idol and survivor and ipods and bigger suv's, arm loans, high interets car loans, credit card debt, buy buy buy me me me they aren't even paying attention the the collapse of this once great nation.

    In summary: I blame parenting and education

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