Update on my Stryker guys hit by roadside bomb

Update on my Stryker guys hit by roadside bomb

This is a discussion on Update on my Stryker guys hit by roadside bomb within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; First. The first 48 hours after I heard about my son and his crews, my mind did not work. Unless you have recieved that call, ...

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Thread: Update on my Stryker guys hit by roadside bomb

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    Update on my Stryker guys hit by roadside bomb

    First. The first 48 hours after I heard about my son and his crews, my mind did not work. Unless you have recieved that call, you really don't understand what can happen to your mind. I would like to say thank you very, very much to all of you that sent messages and prayers for our young warriors. I read them all and a couple of the soldiers read them in Iraq. Thank you very much.

    I didn't know where to go or what to do when I got the call. Cried a lot. Prayed even more. I came here because this is where I can find good people and people I can call friends, even tho I don't know any of you personally. My grandfather was in a pile of bodies in WW1 when someone noticed his hand moving a little bit. My father, was on the USS Randolph, a carrier in the pacific during WW2. His ship was hit with a Kamakazi. Got hurt bad but lived. I found a landmine with my Hummer during Desert Storm. My son found a car bomb last week. I guess it is something in the family that we can't shake off.

    Son called me today. There were 2 strykers doing patrols. They entered a traffic circle that comes under fire some times. This time, there was a car pulled off to the side, driver doing something in the trunk. When the first Stryker got even with the car, It exploded 5 artillery shells. Rolled my son's Stryker over and threw people out. The second Stryker, doing what they were taught, tried to get out of Dodge fast. Smoke and dirt and dust everywhere, the second Stryker hit the rear end of the first one. Both vehicles burned up. Most of the warriors had cuts and bruises, plus a few broken bones. David said that everyone is up and moving around, hurt, but it could have been worse. A lot worse.

    My son said that instantly after the explosion, there were helicopters above them and others in hummers came out of the woodwork to cover and evac them. They still believe in and live the word, "leave no one on the battlefield, no matter what".

    Anyway, everyone is doing good. David said to say Hi to everyone at home and on the other end of my computer. If you ever see one of our countries best people, say hello to them and shake their hands, tell them they have our support and keep up the good work. Again, many thanx to everyone out there that left comments/prayers. David
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    Thumbs up

    It's an amazing think to see a 14 ton Stryker get flipped. I lived in the back of one for 4 long months. Luckily my tour was over before the road side bombs became the insurgents best friend.

    Glad to hear everyones OK.

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    Yup, sure glad they are doing good. Tell em thanks for their service of our country. We all appreciate it very much.
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    Thank you for the update...
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    God bless them all....I'm glad that they are ok....my prayers and thanks go out to them!
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    Glad to hear that they are all doing well.
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    Glad to hear things are going a little better for David and your family.
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    Im glad to hear that for the most part they are OK. All are in my prayers.
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    Glad to hear it Thank him again for us.

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    Good news then, glad to hear it. Glad that everyone is recovering. Tell 'em all thanks for their service and sacrifice.
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    Very good news! I will keep praying for all of them.
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    Glad to hear the good news. Hope all fully heal quickly and thank them all for their Service!

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    Glad to hear they are doing good. Hope all of them make it home alive and well. Still praying for them.

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    David - your update is much appreciated . I have been wondering daily how things were progressing.

    I am glad also you can find our friendship here of value ..... it matters not that we cannot all meet and greet personally but you are with soul mates in a sense. My thoughts go out each and every day to our fighting men and women - even tho I am fortunate to not have the harrowing worry of someone actually there from my family.

    Do convey our support to your son and all the guys.
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    So very glad it turned out well. Our prayers are with you son and all our troops.
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