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Soon to be EmptyNester

This is a discussion on Soon to be EmptyNester within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Well, tomorrow, our daughter, our only child graduates from high school. She'll be leaving for college this fall. I have very mixed emotions about this. ...

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    Soon to be EmptyNester

    Well, tomorrow, our daughter, our only child graduates from high school. She'll be leaving for college this fall. I have very mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, I'm so very proud for the fine Christian young lady she has turned out to be, while on the other, I hate to see her grow up. She's always been "Daddy's Little Girl". But, grow up they must. Please keep her in your prayers as she takes the first step of the next part of her journey of growning up.

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    Greg - this stage is always difficult ..... no doubt about that. Been there, done that - long ago and more than once.

    I think tho we have to see the young adult (still ''my lil gal") ..... embarking on a new stage of life. We want to always remain the protector and comforter but - fledge the nest they must.

    You will miss her - and she you I am sure but - also this has to be an exciting new chapter for her ....... and she will also be well aware that you and her Mom are always there.

    This is one time when the telephone is real useful - and a chat from time to time helps a lot. She will by the sound of things be taking your love with her
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    Greg, congratulations to your daughter and best wishes to you and the Mrs. The empty nest is a strange thing. Just about time you get used to it they come back for a weekend or a break. Then you have to start all over. I think that allows us to sort of get used to it before the real break comes. From my brief acquaintance with her your daughter is a lovely Christian young lady of whom you have every right to be proud.

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    Sometimes an empty nest is good. You can sit around in your underwear and socks, watching cartoons and not have to worry. They never really leave. They may be physically gone, but I can assure you that she will still have one of her hands in your pocket. Daughters are like that. Gotta love them. Get her a cell fone and she will be right there with you. She is already in your heart for keeps. Tell her good luck for me.
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    I'll soon be an empty nester too. My youngest son moves out to start college in a couple of weeks. I have the mixed emotions also, it won't seem right without him here, but getting out on his own will be good for him. My daughter moved out for college about three years ago and she comes over every sunday, my son says he plans to as well. The past 18 or 20 years seem to have flown by.

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    I am not a parent, but I can relate to your "empty nest" syndrome feelings because I sort of get twisted-up emotionally with just about any kind of major change like that. Heck, I'm busted up because my ex-girlfriend just took the cat that we had adopted when she moved out!

    Best I can say is to reassure yourself that your daughter loves you and knows you love her; don't try to smother her while she's away, just be available for the help she will inevitably need, and the encouragement too. Just know that you raised her well and turned her into a good person, and recognize that she now has a life of her own to lead, and it may take you far away, but she is always as close as your memories of the life you've had together, and also the telephone. Be proud of her, and let that and love sustain you in her absence.

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