My Absence

My Absence

This is a discussion on My Absence within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This is my first post since I had the open-heart surgery (single bypass) on 5/10/07. All went well with the surgery but I am weaker ...

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Thread: My Absence

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    My Absence

    This is my first post since I had the open-heart surgery (single bypass) on 5/10/07. All went well with the surgery but I am weaker than I want to be. It seems it hurts to do just about anything but you just force yourself to do it. I went to the surgeon on Wednesday and he allowed me to start driving again. The only real problem I am having is an infection at the top of the incision and that is being treated with antibiotics. I hope to resume my posts on the Internet in about a week. Regards, Richard

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    Best wishes on a full recovery and it's great to have you back! My dad had two bypass surgeries and it was six weeks before they let him drive! Give yourself time and God Bless!
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    Glad to hear you're back and on the mend, Richard. Hang in there. My Mom was feeling like you are now after her bypass surgery, but all in all, she's in good shape now. Give it some time and you will be good as new.... :wink
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    Welcome back Richard

    You have some time ahead yet to have things all knitted and more comfortable but - glad and relieved the main task has been successfully achieved. Hopefully another month or two and it'll be more of a bad memory!

    Do rejoin us as soon as you feel able - and take it easy - ya hear!!!
    Chris - P95
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    Hey Richard, glad you're recovering and on the mend. Good news is you're still in good enough shape to complain about how you feel! You'll be right again soon. Hope it all heals up fast and you can be active again soon.
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    I havent seen you around, but I hope you continue on the up and up. I look forward to seeing you on the threads.
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    I'm sure you'll have a full recovery and soon you will start feeling much better. Like a whole new person.
    Hurry up and get rid of that infection. That's an order!
    Happy to have you back.
    It's good recovery therapy here because you have lots of folks plugging for your swift return to good internal normalcy.
    Liberty Over Tyranny Μολὼν λαβέ

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    Here's hoping for a quick and full recovery for you. Sometimes it seems like it can take forever..... Hang in there.

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    Hope ya have a quick and uneventful recovery. We are all doing fine here, hope ya feel lots better real soon. Take care of your self first, then worry about everything else later.
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    Welcome back Richard!
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    Welcome back, Richard. Best wishes for continued recovery. Don't push too hard, take your time. We'll leave the light on for you.

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. Albert Einstein

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    Welcome back and prayers for a speedy recovery.

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    My apologies, Richard. I just now saw this thread.

    I offer my best wishes to you for a full recovery. I know how you feel. BTDT. I had quadruple by-pass surgery in 1993, I'm still going strong.

    Best regards.

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    Hope that you continue to recover quickly!
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    Welcome back Richard. Keep your chin up, you will be good as new soon. It's amazing what they can do for people now days. My Dad had quintuple bypass surgery over 10 years ago and was was there when he came out of the surgery. I couldn't believe that people could be up and walking w/in 24 hours. My Dad had a few complications and had to stay in the hospital for a week, but he came home, and had no heart problems. The one thing I will say is make sure you exercise as much as possible. Walk around the neighborhood, or buy a treadmill, but get your heart as strong as possible.
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