A salute to fathers

A salute to fathers

This is a discussion on A salute to fathers within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; OK - not quite Father's day but still worth remembering our fathers and hopefully in most cases what they mean or meant to us. I ...

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Thread: A salute to fathers

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    A salute to fathers

    OK - not quite Father's day but still worth remembering our fathers and hopefully in most cases what they mean or meant to us.

    I am a Dad - now a grandad too but I am looking back to my own father - departed now over 10 years and sadly a sick man for the last five or so years of his life.

    That was almost harder to deal with than his final passing, as he became prematurely no longer the Dad I knew and counted as my friend. Mind you - as a teen I had my ups and downs with him - didn't we all

    I recall the ''best years'' - when I had been living away from home and started my then career - and we used to meet up for a beer, go ''do things'' and years later even some shooting before his Parkinsons put a stop to that. Best times were when we walked out in the fields with shotguns - just chatting and funning ... didn't matter a bit whether we shot any rabbit or pigeon - that was secondary.

    Bottom line - enjoy Dad - share what time you can - and soak up the memories because one day that's all that's left.

    He died May 1st 1997. RIP Pops.
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    Not a dad, but still have two.
    Pops one is in England in his late sixties, crazy as a box of shook up springs but still my dad. He's a cool dude who vaguely recalls Nazi bombs dropping when he was in diapers... he used to have a shotgun but 'they' took it away.
    Dad two is my very own American dad, we talk on the phone more than he talks to his own daughter, and they're super-super close.

    I do not take either for granted. Neither are immortal, none of us are. And good dads are getting thin on the ground.

    Good thread Chris.

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    My dad was a Wesleyan Pastor (was part of the Methodist strain until about the 1940's it's a Holiness Church) there were several days after school I'd go visit him in his study and he was never to busy stop and talk to my sister and I.

    During Sunday dinner he was very faithful to answer any questions that we had from the sermon. Dad got me interested in current events and we would watch the news together and he taught me how to think for myself and how to defend my beliefs. He wasn't ever to busy to play catch and as a family we used to go to see the Twins yearly. I have a picture that he took of us on the Jumbotron that my sister put in a window box with dad's mitt.

    Unfortunately, Dad was killed 11 yrs ago by an alcky and there is rarely a day that I don't think about him and how much I miss him.
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    My Dad is a retired soldier. Its what made me want to serve my country. My Dad is the one that taught me how to shoot, how to fish, I think I got my love of music from him but most important, he taught me how to be a good man. In my 32yrs, i've realized just how lucky I am to have a father like him. Now that I'm an adult, we spend lots of time and hobbies together, and I couldn't ask for anything more. I hope that someday if I have kids, I can be that kind of father to them.
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    My mom and dad split up right after he came home from WW2 (he was WIA on Okinawa). I was 2 years old at the time, so I have no memory of him then. Growing up, my mother never mentioned a single word to me about my dad.

    My dad and I were re-united in 1998, when I found out he was living in Kalispell. He had moved here in 1948. He had been searching for me for several years after he suffered a major heart attack in the 80s, not knowing that I was going by my adopted surname. By pure chance, (the details are complicated) his search found me living in Oregon. In fact, re-uniting with my dad was the main reason I moved to Montana.

    Sadly, my dad passed away from colon cancer in 2001. I had three good years with him, which I will always cherish. His Purple Heart Medal and Combat Infantryman's Badge are two of my most prized possessions.

    When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
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    And go to your God like a soldier.

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    I'm lucky enough to have my Dad (and my Mom) living with us in a house we built for them on our property. Although he's 82, he still gets around pretty good and loves puttering around the yard and helping around the place. He was in the Navy (Pacific Fleet) in World War II. He's got some stories to tell when I can pull them out of him.

    Here's wishing him Happy Father's Day!
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    My dad was a good friend to me and many others...he died July 20, 1997...I think of him often, especially when I remember something (many years ago) he said or did (as a dad) that I didn't agree with...and now I either think the that way or do the SAME thing...

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    I'm a father of 6 and I also want to wish all the other Dads out there a happy, safe and family fun filled Fathers Day! Take it easy, we deserve one day to take it easy and this is it.

    We are going to go Putt-Putt golfing, see a movie, and then come home and relax with some burgers on the grill. It is going to be a nice slow paced day.

    I might even have my one beer for the year.
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    Happy Father's day to the other father's on DC.

    I'm taking my kids to see a B17 thats in town at a local airport(http://www.b17.org/). Should be a blast both kids like Planes

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    This is my first fathers day without my father he was sick for last 5 years.He was the last one of the old generation and I miss him. He suffered a lot and I believe he is in a better place at peace.

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    What a great thread. And Happy Father's Day to all the dads. I'm enjoying the stories. Please keep 'em coming.

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    I celebrated Father's Day today by taking dad out to lunch and to the shooting range.

    He'll get lunch tomorrow too - how 'bout that?!!

    My dad is a Christian Church/Church of Christ Minister and the best tribute that I can give him - thankfully tho he is still living - is that he truly 'walks the walk' of the Faith, one of the last of the 'old guard' that considers ministry a true 24/7 calling and not a 'Sunday only' occupation. He sacrifices for his church, and he sacrifices for his family.

    I couldn't ask for a better role model.

    I see him getting older (he's in his early 60's) and thankfully still going relatively strong, but I just remember to enjoy every moment and minute that we share together.
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    my dad, sigh*, is still around because of modern medicine. at 72 you'd think that to be good thing but with a quadruple bypass, a degenerate skeleton, and 26 types of arthritis, his doctor treats him like a cancer patient with high doses of Oxycontin which don't do a whole hell of a lot. ...yet he still buries the pain to do things for others. don't know how he does it. i love him to death but i'm just tired of seeing him in pain. happy fathers day pop, and to all fathers out there.
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    My Dad was a tough silent bird who was not an outward person affection wise. He was raised and taught me that when you achive your best is not a congratulatory thing but your duty that should have been done all along. He left a destroyed post-civil-war Spain in his early youth and started a new life in the Americas. He arrived with a cardboard suitcase containing one shirt, one pair of pants and some bread and spanish sausage he still had left over from the trip. He worked all his life to provide a roof and food for his family. I was a headstrong youth and had several major fights with him which led to some distancing for almost 5 years. Somehow we managed to clear the air and became close, yet not mushy and I realized we were alike in some aspects. He adored my wife and treated her like the daughter he never had and God forbid anybody who said anything bad about her.
    Dad suffered a brain hemorrahge after I moved to the USA. I went to him as soon as I heard and rushed in ICU where the doctor told me how bad he was, that he was in an irreversible coma and that it was a question of time before his passing. Actually he was amazed that he was still alive. I went in to see him, and told him: "Hey Dad, I am here now. I'll take care of everything." All of the sudden every life monitor started beeping and hollering with alarms. The doctor freaked out muttering something about this not supposed to be happening. Then the monitors went back to normal. I turned around and told the doctor that he was just waiting for me to arrive to take charge of the situation and was letting me know. Dad died 12 hours later.

    Yep, a tough bird. I still miss him.
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    Thanks for the contributions - I appreciate them.

    I hope when I am gone my kids will have soom good memories of me - I am nothing special at all but would like to think I will leave behind something of worth.
    Chris - P95
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