really nice story found on GT.COM

really nice story found on GT.COM

This is a discussion on really nice story found on GT.COM within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I really enjoyed reading this....

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Thread: really nice story found on GT.COM

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    really nice story found on GT.COM


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    Wow - after 11 years too.

    The guy did a remarkable job of restoration and in a sense that is in part a tribute to his Dad, who obviously meant so much to him. Almost uncanny where it was found too.
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    That says a lot about stainless steel. I wonder if the cylinder's metal was a little lesser quality stainless?

    I had a friend bring me a Taurus .357 blued revolver that he had left in his LEAKY car trunk for about 18 months. It was NOT recoverable!
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    That is a great story. Well worth every minute it took to read it.

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    That's a great story.

    Even with the corrosion, I find it amazing they left the "live" rounds in the gun during transport and storage. I guess they could have been stuck and it was easier to pull the cylinder off...
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    i absolutly loved it, thanks for sharing
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