Big changes coming

Big changes coming

This is a discussion on Big changes coming within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Well a lot has been happening lately in my world. As some of you may know we have had some big ups and downs with ...

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Thread: Big changes coming

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    Big changes coming

    Well a lot has been happening lately in my world.

    As some of you may know we have had some big ups and downs with my wifes battle with MS. It looks like we're slipping a little more right now which is always a tough deal.

    We also just bought a 30' sailboat that I'm getting ready to rebuild with an eye towards her special needs. We hope to make it our home in six months or so. We've never really adjusted well to life on land after selling our old home (boat) due to her illness. Since we don't know what the future holds we've decided to achieve what happiness we can while we can for her and us as a couple. While ocean sailing days are probably gone with her problems we'll take what we can get.

    We're also looking at having to get my mother into a retirement home within the next six months as well. Unfortunately this will probably be much very traumatic for her and some of the family but it is quickly becoming a necessity.

    A last bit of fun is dealing with having to move our business into a bigger facility. While growth is good it can also be pretty stressful trying to keep everything under control and moving all our equipment will not be fun.

    So the upshot is my free time is going to be getting pretty thin and I may disappear from time to time from this forum. Some may not think that's such a bad idea though! But I'll still try and show up from time to time, sorta like counterfeit money I guess...

    Please keep us in prayer as this is shaping up to be a stressful time and pray for my wifes health. Her legs are getting weaker and we hope she'll not be back in a wheelchair again.

    Thanks for a place to blow off a little steam and hope I haven't been too grumpy lately. A bigger thanks to Bumper and mods for creating and maintaining this place.
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    Good luck with it all, El! You have a lot of irons in the old fire, so come here to relax once in awhile!
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    Eric - seems a bit of ''it never rains but it pours'' - a lot to handle all at once.

    I have had your dear wife in my thoughts many times since you first described he problems - I continue to do so, for her sake and yours.

    Moving a business is hell!! No matter what the scale it is still a very tedious operation and inevitably in shorter term disruptive. Hope that'll pan out OK tho and soon be history.

    As for your mother - well - that is never easy at all and probably you will be like most - putting it off until there is little other option. Sometimes this is only way forward.

    So my friend - you do all you gotta do but try when you can to slip by and post - and keep us up to speed on how things are going for you. This forum is where with such things as these you can share and blow smoke - and know you have some friends here to listen.

    Maybe we can't do a whole lot except try and give you moral support but, we'll try our best. Take care and don't disappear on us ya hear!!!
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    @ Wits' End

    My prayers and best wishes for you, your wife, your mom and your move.

    That's a lot on any one person's plate. Hope you have folks to help you through it.

    God bless!
    He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliott

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    We'll miss you when you aren't here; visit often, and you are in our prayers.
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    Good luck and may the Lord be with you both!! I'm envious of the live-aboard thought. We only get to use our boat on the weekends here in Texas but its the best way in the world to relax. Be sure to post pics of your progress. I have always wanted to take an old boat and re-fit it.
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    Eric, hang tough buddy. But do get some time off and relax. No sense in getting yourself sick too.
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    I hope that everything goes acording to plan.
    I know that you'll be happy getting out into the Big H20 again on that 30' sailboat. That sounds super nice.
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    Blow off steam when ever you need to Buddy. We'll always listen and be there.
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    ElCruisr... I enjoy your posts. They will be missed but above all, hang tough! Prayers are with you and the family! Most def!

    Good luck on the boat. I love the water and wish I could live on a boat!

    There's always PowerBall... keeping fingers crossed.

    Will appreciate when you do stop by and post.

    Good Luck and take care of your wife and moms!

    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Eric, you and your family continue to be in my prayers.

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    Best of luck.
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    Huh! I didn't know you were a sailboat guy! I learned to sail almost before I learned to walk. Funny thing, I'm much better on really big sailboats (l.o.a. 45+ feet) than I am on a sunfish, pram or hobie cat.

    I lived aboard a Morgan 46 for a year when I got off active duty and served for many friends as "crew" read "security" during a lot of Bahamas cruises during that period too.

    You know, I've always heard that the best place to buy a really inexpensive sailboat is the Panama Canal. That is the FIRST major stop in any circumnavigation that starts from South Florida. So many newbies with the romantic notion get those notions shellacked in the cramped spaces, high friction boredom and often sea sick problems and when they get to the Canal, they throw the title at a yacht broker and storm off to the airport, yelling over their shoulders: SELL IT FOR WHATEVER IT BRINGS!!! and so sometimes that means a yacht worth a MILLION can be had for a quarter of that. Or a yacht worth $300,000 can be had for $75k. I've heard of this happening but that was about 20 years ago. Still it makes sense and with more leisure time available to day than THEN why wouldn't it still be true?

    I will certainly keep you and yours in my prayers for all the issues. I remember when we contemplated putting my mom in a home. We never had to make that decision, she passed inside of three weeks.

    I'm a teacher so I can't fathom the problems of moving a business...but I DO teach Honors Economics so I know it will be good for everybody: You will get more profits, the workers will be happier and possibly get more money and the community will be happy since your expansion may lead to still more jobs....

    As for being grumpy...well everybody has off days. As long as things here don't take a turn in the negative personal arena, then everything is cool with me. If ever I have caused any offense I humbly apologize.
    Former Army Infantry Captain; 28 yrs as an NRA Certified Instructor; NRA Patron Life; Avid practitioner of the martial art: KLIK-PAO.

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    Sorry to hear that she is again slidding. Hopefully the sailing will help her cope if not help her physically. We'll keep the lights on here for you. Keep in touch as you can, we'll miss ya!
    Coimhéad fearg fhear na foighde; Beware the anger of a patient man.

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    Hope all goes well...I do think of your situation from time to time...
    I do keep a prayer time for many thoughts shared on this forum. I have enjoyed our lunch and talk times...glad you're getting back to the boat life...

    Take care and let me know where you're plugging in the electric!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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