Time for a change

Time for a change

This is a discussion on Time for a change within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; With all the stuff going on with my mom this past couple of weeks...it's scared me into quitting smoking. I think the tipping point was ...

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Thread: Time for a change

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    Time for a change

    With all the stuff going on with my mom this past couple of weeks...it's scared me into quitting smoking. I think the tipping point was my wife, who went though a very hard time quitting asking me for a smoke around midnight while we were waiting at the ER. I ALMOST gave her one. She had some nasty reactions to the Wellbrutin (sp) that she used and I can't believe I almost let her go through all that again. No..theres nothing saying that she would have started smoking again, but it's more than likely that she would have. She (and I for her) are very proud that she hasn't slipped once.

    I hereby apologize to anyone and everyone that I snap to, both here online and in real life. I keep telling myself that there will be more money for ammo, guns, etc...but only while I'm raging in my car at the people doing 70 in a 70 :-)
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    Congrats on quitting. Take the dollars saved and go buy a new firearm.
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    Good job! It is hard, but you can do it.

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    Good for you. It is hard to do, I know I finally quit smoking close to 3 packs a day. But only after going through 2 heart attacks that put me in early retirement. In December it will be a year since I quit and still everyday I wish I had a cig. I'm not sure it gets any easier but I can not afford to start back up. Again good for you!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    I tried quitting many, many times before I actually did.

    I used the patch along with zyban, and even kept some nicotine gum handy. I had tried everything separately before and failed. The shotgun strategy finally worked. I'm not sure about welbutrine but one mistake I made was not taking the zyban a full 2 weeks before I tried to quit.

    I did reduce the time I was on the patch, I used the step down method and only really stayed on each level for about a week.

    My wife says I wasn't that bad, but I think I was a genuine jerk for a while.

    The biggest single thing that helped me was the knowledge that a craving only lasts a minute or so. Seems longer but if you focus on that first minute it's an attainable goal.

    I'll let you know right now that for me the cravings never went totally away and I've been smoke free for over 5 years now. They do get easier to handle, but when I get upset I still want one really bad.

    Keep us all posted.

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    Hooray for you!

    It's all about mindset, sounds like you are ready. I did Patch, Zoloft, and pretzels. Two weeks in, my girlfriend asked me to go to the doctor with her, turned out it was for me. It seems I had a very short temper. A little Xanax later, and I got through the worst. The anti-depressants made me feel so retarded I quit them about two months in. The best part was how quickly my sleep and breathing improved.

    This year I tackled the 70#s I gained. It's been five years next month. I figure take on one demon at a time. Be proud of yourself, this is one tough habit to break. Good luck to you.

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    Congrats & stay strong!

    Being a non-smoker, I can't comprehend how very difficult and addicting tobacco is, but I've witnessed relatives struggle with trying to kick the habit.

    By the way, I like SIGS.
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    On 'kicking' the habit...
    Move to FL for some additional help...can't smoke in most places here anyway...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dunndw View Post
    ..........She had some nasty reactions to the Wellbrutin (sp) .........
    Not unusual. Alternatives are available with prescription.......

    Glad you're doing well. testy attitude ignored. Quittin' is a real *****.........
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    When you succeed, let me know. All of the success stories help me move towards making that decision myself. Wishing you luck!
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    Good luck Dunn! I just got a second prescription from my doc for Chantix, it works really well to limit the cravings (I use the Nicotrol inhalers along with it). I'd gone 4 or 5 days without smoking and was doing well with it - until my wife and I took a weekend trip to Fall Creek Falls. I caved in during the trip and started up again.

    I'll get my Chantix refilled on payday (8/31) and I'll be trying to kick the habit with you! That extra State tax is reason enough to quit, not to mention the nagging cough and wheezing I've developed.

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    Best of luck. I struggled for several years, mostly not smoking, then falling off the wagon a week or so at a time and getting back on. The patch was very helpful to me.

    One other helpful thing I haven't seen mentioned is how you view the cravings. I read something that said one can view the addiction as a little monster (parasite?) inside oneself. It's the monster that wanted the nicotine hit, not me. And what has that little b&^%#&^% done for me? Nothing but ruin my health. Screw him!

    Believe it or not, by making the withdrawal his problem and not mine, it was easier. :-)

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    Good luck to you. My time is coming. I have been trying to get myself in the mindset to quit and am getting ready to go to the doc this week for a Rx to help.
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    Good luck. My mom, dad and grandmother all quit cold turkey and without patches or drugs. Mom just quit one day. She is now past the five year point after losing her left lung to cancer. Dad quit after they took out his spleen, not related to smoking. My grandmother quit as well, but it was too late. The cancer got her. So get it done. I quit before I really got started. I smoked for a couple years and quit. My wife quit after about 15 years of smoking.

    Believe it or not your lungs will heal and regenerate after you quit. When they evaluated my mom's lungs for the surgery the doctor said he would not have known she was a smoker if she hadn't put it on the form. That was about five years after she quit. Also food and drink will taste different or even better. My folks were amazed at how things tasted with their habitual seasoning and my mom later apologized to me for over spicing everything when I was growing up.
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    I smoked cigarettes for 35 years...probley wrote a book on trying to quit.When I finally did...it took me a year of getting bucked off that horse....Finally one day I just quit counting the days since I smoked... and it was over.I still like tobacco though...just can't use it anymore!

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