Condition Clueless this weekend

Condition Clueless this weekend

This is a discussion on Condition Clueless this weekend within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Well, I was in condition clueless this weekend apparently. I had just driven down the road to get gas at the local station around 1140ish. ...

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Thread: Condition Clueless this weekend

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    Condition Clueless this weekend

    Well, I was in condition clueless this weekend apparently. I had just driven down the road to get gas at the local station around 1140ish. On the way out and back I have to cross a bridge over the Shenandoah river. I noticed an older gentlemen hanging out around the middle of the bridge. I didn't think anything of it as I see it all the time in the summer (occasionally I see guys fishing off the bridge). In retrospect I probably should have picked up on it given the time of the year (really still a bit too cold to fish that area successfully right now + the huge fish killoff last year - some kind of disease or something).

    Anyway, I continued about my day and drove into town to visit my folks. After arriving home later that evening I had noticed a whirlie bird making runs up and down the river and wondered what they were doing. I live on the east ridge just before the river so I was able to see the bird running up and down the ridge. I found out last night that an older guy in his early 80's jumped from the bridge around noon(a passerby witnessed him jump apparently) this weekend. That would mean that after pumping my gas and heading back...he would have jumped about 5 minutes after I drove by. The whirlie bird was making search runs up and down the river. They've been making runs up and down for the last few days now. Guess they still haven't found him.

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    Pretty sad when a person looses all hope.......such a permament fix to usually a temporary problem...pray for his family.......
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