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Brought my kids to court yesterday...

This is a discussion on Brought my kids to court yesterday... within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; great post I think you should send a copy of this post to your local paper as a thank you to the Judge and Prosecutor....

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Thread: Brought my kids to court yesterday...

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    great post I think you should send a copy of this post to your local paper as a thank you to the Judge and Prosecutor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_cmg View Post
    No, apologies required. I am going to ask Bumper to make a sticky of this thread. I hope parents will be seeing this and using your idea for a very long time to come. Thanks for the post.
    And I agree, it would quite possibly be best as a sticky to encourage other parents to consider the same kind of thing.

    I believe that here in the Phoenix area (probably Maricopa County) they will, upon request take kids on a tour through juvenile hall. That too could serve as a real eye opener serving to keep them on the straight and narrow. Any safe view of the "other side" is, I believe, good for kids....
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    Awesome, if i had kids i would take them :)
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    Great story and experience!

    Thanks for sharing that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArmedAviator View Post
    Brought my kids to court yesterday ... best dang anti-drug / anti-crime influence one could ask for!
    Learning by doing. Learning in the hands of capable teachers. Learning by seeing what is, not what we're told the "spin" of something should be. They heard the story, they saw the legal system in action, and saw where such lifestyle and crime would lead: right down the flusher, for real. A huge lesson for 8-10 yr olds.

    Kudos for bringing them up right!
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    You are a GREAT dad! That experience is something that your boys will ALWAYS remember.

    Thanks for sharing an important experience...

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    Good job, a lesson that will stick with them all their lives. My dad ran a Heroin halfway house and gave me the tour when I was 7, that convinced me there was nothing sexy about drugs for the rest of my life, I was going to do a similar thing for my daughters, I hadn't thought about the courthouse though, I think I will put it on their educational learning plan! Thanks

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    As a Father I thank you for this post. It is something I will keep in mind. As a Boy Scout for our Citizenship Merit badge we met with the mayor and "worked" a day in his office of our small town. I think the court house would have been better.
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    WE used to have a show called SCARED STRAIT PRISONERS TALKIN worked great TWO FINE FELLOWS YOU GOT!!!

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    VERY NICE, I've had my kids talk to Sheriffs before, but this seems to be a better deterant.

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    great post, great job with the kids

    I too plan to do something like this with my little man when he's old enough
    of course, with my new job I could take him to court, jail, and the police dept to let him see the dark side
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    you sound like a great dad, sad to say my father a i didnt have a relationship, but i had some close family friends, a few worked for the local SO, and State Police and they took me under there wing when i was younger. im 22 and aspire to be a great father one day, your setting a great example for children and fathers to be, thank you.
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    [QUOTE=ArmedAviator;677790 At the end after the two BG’s were lead off the judge stayed in his bench and asked that the boys come forward and have a seat so he could chat with them. He sat and answered their questions and talked to them for about 15 minutes or so. [/QUOTE]

    Wow, this is so awesome! Bless you for being a good dad, and for the judge for bending and encouraging two kids. I bet this will be a pivotal experience in their lives on top of an already great upbringing.

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    If you really want to scare them...

    Ask if they can get a tour of "The Tombs" a/k/a Lockup.

    Just the visitor section.

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    Great post ! Great idea !
    I don't have kids, however, would you authorize me to print your post and give it to 2 of my friends ?
    I think it would really help them.
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