Grandmas Funeral today

Grandmas Funeral today

This is a discussion on Grandmas Funeral today within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I went to my Grandma's funeral today in Washington PA. Yeah it was sad thanks for the condolonces. However, something gun related came up at ...

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Thread: Grandmas Funeral today

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    Grandmas Funeral today

    I went to my Grandma's funeral today in Washington PA.

    Yeah it was sad thanks for the condolonces. However, something gun related came up at the funeral.

    You know that Anti Gun aunt everybody has! Well I have one, anyway my Dads side of the family was there and I don't know them all due to the huge side of the family. My grandma was one of 12 siblings anyway I met this lady who was my aunt cindy apparently. Never met her in my life before, and my anti gun aunt who I know very well introduced me and my fiance to my new aunt. This is how the conversation went.

    Anti Gun aunt-"this is rob99vmi04 and his fiance Mrs. rob99etc.... however you need to watch out for them "THEIR GUN PEOPLE" Infact they CARRY GUNS ANYWHERE ITS LEGAL.....

    The new aunt is "Aunt Cindy" piped up and said with a smile " EH EMMM I happen to be a pistol PACKIN LADY....I carry a gun all the time. I Like these two already. SHE calls it her .38 SPECIAL actually its a SiG 232 .380/9mm kurz, I guess her husband told her it was .38 caliber and she thinks it shoots a .38 special. I did not bust her bubble but was very proud!!!

    My anti gun aunt thought she was joking and started snirking when my new aunt said" I'm not joking I got my gun right here in my purse you wanna see as she was unzipping her purse....My anti gun aunt frowned and walked away. Anyway score one for the gun people.
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    Funny story. Sorry about your Grandma.
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    I would love to have been there to see her reaction.

    My condolences on your loss.
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    Sympathies for the loss but yeah - nice story re the aunt
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    Sorry for your loss...happy for your new find...
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    I have a few relatives I'm glad I only see at funerals.
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    sorry to hear about the loss! But +1 for the new aunt!

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    Sorry to hear about your grandma. You gotta like your aunt that you haven't met until now. Good on her for putting your anti-aunt in her place.
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    Sorry to hear about your grandma.

    Unfortunately you can't pick your relatives. We were at a family gather a few moons ago. We were all (about 10 or so) sitting around the dinner table. There was a lull in the conversation when all of a sudden my older brother blurts out, "So Steve has an entire file on pro-gun articles he accumulated from the NRA." Apparently out of 9 other people, I didn't have an advocate like you did. Congrats on your new find.
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    Nothing like a cool little moment to take the edge off the sorrow of losing someone in life. My condolences as well.

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    Sorry for your lose. Good thing is you found an ally in the family. Everyone needs a gun toting Aunt. Even if she is at a lose on caliber.

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    My sympathy to you and the rest of your family for your loss. Hooray for your aunt Cindy!

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    My condolences on the loss of your gramma, Rob.

    It's great to hear that something positive and light-hearted happened amid the somber atmosphere. At the most painful of times, a bit of levity can help break the tension and temporarily relieve the grief.
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    I am sorry about your grandma. It is always nice to find a relative that you actually like.
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