Family Friends Lost Their Baby Girl

Family Friends Lost Their Baby Girl

This is a discussion on Family Friends Lost Their Baby Girl within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My mother called me last night to let me know that the 4 month old daughter of some very close friends passed away last night. ...

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Thread: Family Friends Lost Their Baby Girl

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    Family Friends Lost Their Baby Girl

    My mother called me last night to let me know that the 4 month old daughter of some very close friends passed away last night.

    I was able to talk to the family this morning.

    As far as they know the baby was crying and their eight-year-old son went to comfort her. He gave her a pacifier and wrapped her in a blanket and that was the last she was seen alive.

    When the mother went into check on her some time later she was purple. They called paramedics and performed CPR but she was gone.

    They are doing an autopsy to determine actual cause of death but in the mean time social workers have removed their two remaining sons from them until they can be sure it was not wrongful death.

    The family is DEVASTATED and in need of prayers.

    The father, Jason, is particularly grieved refusing to leave the place in the living room where she last stood before going to bed and the questioning of authorities is making it even harder on them.

    Please think of Jason and Christy at this time.

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    Prayers & thoughts in this difficult time.

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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    I have no words except prayers of comfort, love and understanding.

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    God be with the lost child and her family left behind. Not that it is any comfort to them but she is with the Lord. I am tearing up as I think of the tragedy and how I would take it if any of mine were lost.

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    A tragedy, and possibly (probably?) made worse for the other 2 sons being removed from their support network. Lima and JD, sorry for your loss too, as I know from experience that the loss of a loved ones child can be damn hard for you too.
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    That is just so sad. I hope they wrap up the investigation very quickly, so the other two children can get back home where they belong. Prayers to the poor family.
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    Wow, that leaves a sick feeling in my stomach. That is the worst case scenario for any parent. God Bless Them!

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    The parents must be devastated. I am so sorry.

    It is a shame that with what we know about SIDS that social services automatically assumes the parents are bad and removed the other children. This is when they need to stick together the most.

    My prayers are with them.
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    Prayers for the family........this is sad..........I don't have the words.
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    OMG......I'm so sorry.

    I just can't imagine........ We'll keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

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    Wow - that is so sad. I can't imagine how that must feel.
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    Jason and Christy can count on my prayers too. I can't even imagine the depth of grief they must be experiencing. Then to have the boys removed on top of it. I will pray that the situation gets resolved with the boys soon, so that healing can take place in the family.
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    My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

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    They are added to our prayer list. I hope the 8 year old doesn't think it is his fault. Since he went to comfort her he might think that. That is one thought he doesn't need hounding him. I think the little guy needs an extra prayer. It sounds like SIDS or simply a tragic accident to me.

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    My thoughts are with them. Hopefully they can get their sons back and grieve as a family .
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