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    1 year anniversary

    Well folks, it's here. Today is the 1 year anniversary of me being a gun owner.

    It was back on a cold, crisp, windy January day at an expo center in Ohio, just across the border from Pennsylvania, that I picked up a Remington 870 that had been lovingly used for just $300 from a private owner. My brother got his AK-47 (I think his is a Yugo) the same day.

    The year has really flown by, and gun prices have roughly doubled in that time. Wowsers.

    Anyway, I just thought it was cause for a bit of a celebration!

    To my joy, I got my Remi a brother on Sunday the 4th, so just 2 days before I'd had the shotgun for a year. The second gun was for my wife to use, an AK-47 SLR-101S, made in Bulgaria, modified by Arsenal Arms. I know a lot more about this one because I did a lot more homework before buying it because it cost me one crap of a lot more to buy! $890 before tax, $938.50 after. Overprice for a used AK-47 to be sure, but then again there are so few available now with the hoarding going on, what could I do? I wanted one, the vendor had one, the price wasn't going to go down, so I bought now rather than wait for them to be banned or get more expensive.

    Well...that's it for me for now. No point in getting a handgun because I'm not allowed to carry anywhere in this state. If I move to Banifornia for medical school I'll get a gun and jump through the hoops to carry it on me. Kinda makes me sick to my stomach that Cali will let me carry and Wisconsin won't. I always assumed California had the most anti-gun government on earth, but now I realize that Wisconsin and Illinois are far worse.


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