Better sleep coming tonite

Better sleep coming tonite

This is a discussion on Better sleep coming tonite within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; For the first time in almost 6 years, I can go to sleep without having to worry about getting "the call" from the military. When ...

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Thread: Better sleep coming tonite

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    Better sleep coming tonite

    For the first time in almost 6 years, I can go to sleep without having to worry about getting "the call" from the military. When you have a soldier in a combat zone, every night before hitting the sheets, you think, "Will I get the call tonite?". Between my son and son in law, it has been almost 6 years since I haven't had a son in Iraq. I got the call 2 years ago when my son found an IED with his Stryker. Some hospital time, but that was all. My son in law finally came home this morning from a 15 month tour over there.

    Seemed like one or the other was there all the time. Both have done 2 tours. In march, Mike will get his block leave and be here for a while and David is 1 hour away, recruiting. Gonna get both of them here some weekend and take my 2 warriors to the range or lake or something. I am just glad it is over, for now.
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    Thank them for their service, and I'm glad they are both home!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackle1886 View Post
    thank them for their service, and i'm glad they are both home!

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    Thank them for their service for and tell them another warrior salutes them. I'll have a guinness tonite for them.
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    Congrats! A parent understands. Please tell them both "Thanks for Serving our Country"!
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    Thank them for helping us all sleep better every night. God Bless all our troops and may they return safely.
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    Thanks to both your son and son-in-law for there service to our country. I do understand somewhat as my son-in-law is in the Navy.
    God bless our troops!

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    A giant salute and bigger thank you!!!

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    Congrats to you, good to hear. My younger brother is currently in his MOS school, and I'm in Iraq, I don't want to think about the stress my parents have from that.
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    Congratulations on getting both of them back safe & sound. Please thank them for their service from a military veteran in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm certain you are very proud of them!

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    You are a family of great Americans. Thank You! & Pass It On!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackle1886 View Post
    Thank them for their service, and I'm glad they are both home!
    Quote Originally Posted by pcon View Post

    i agree!

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    I am eternally grateful for everything you are your family member have done.
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    Thank them for my wife and I for their service and sacrifice. I would imagine they got quite a bit of range time so if it is nice and warm when you all are together they may enjoy fishing more. Something that is relaxing without the loud sounds of gunfire.

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    Congratulations that their back safe. Enjoy the good sleep. You must be so proud of them. Please pass on my thanks as well.

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