Prayers for my business partner please.

Prayers for my business partner please.

This is a discussion on Prayers for my business partner please. within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I've worked with Jon for a couple of years now. He's a transplanted Yank that married a Canadian girl. He served his time in uniform ...

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Thread: Prayers for my business partner please.

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    Unhappy Prayers for my business partner please.

    I've worked with Jon for a couple of years now. He's a transplanted Yank that married a Canadian girl. He served his time in uniform in the US navy.

    He just dropped by to let me know he won't be in today, his wife had a miscarriage yesterday. He has two grown children by his ex wife. His current wife, Ann, has no children and her biological clock has been ticking for a while now. I don't know if they intend to try again.

    Thanks all in advance for the prayers.
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    He's on my DC list...
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    God Bless and in our prayers
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    Prayers sent...........
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    My prayers are with all of you. For you as you encourage them and for them, as by God's Grace they trust Him and receive His touch upon their lives.

    Take Care
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    God Bless Jon and his wife that their grief will be lessoned by the loving arms of God and that their hearts filled with the warmth from people who care and love them.
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    Prayers sent.
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    Prayers for sure.. God knows what he is doing and is still in control.. I'm sure that don't help the situation, but if we're trusting in God will all our heart, it will be peace and security in the storm...

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    prayer sent....god bless

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    Very sad, prayers sent. God bless you for caring for your friend also.
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    Will do. Sorry to hear it.
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    Prayers & peace.

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    Will do. They are added to my prayer list.
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    You got it. I'm so sorry to hear that she lost the baby. I know this sounds weird, but I had a close friend who use to have to have a miscarriage before she was able to carry each of her 5 children to term. The doctors were at a loss, the only way they explained it is that sometimes the body needs a "trial run" before it's willing to do its job. Maybe she has a situation like that? Not that it makes it any less painful to go through losing the pregnancy now...but maybe that much more hopeful that it means the next pregnancy will be healthy and all the way to term?
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    They are in my prayers, and thank you for being the kind of friend who cares enough to get others involved.

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