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Thread: Heart Cath in the morning

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    Welcome back!!

    Stay healthy!!
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    Glad to here all went well, good luck and God Bless.
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    Glad to have you back and I'm glad everything went as planned. Good luck on the healthy eating and make sure you do as much walking as you can safely do!!
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    Welcome back! Good luck on the new diet. You do not want to become a regular in the Cath Lab.
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    Welcome back!!! Glad everything went well.
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    Welcome back! Glad it went well and you are now on the mend! :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by orangevol View Post
    I'm back home today and other than being tired of laying in a hospital bed for 4 days, I feel great. Thanks to all for your prayers and well wishes!!!

    I had the heart cath yesterday morning and they found 4 blocked arteries, one 99%, one 60% and two at 30%. They put stints in the 99 & 60 and will treat the 30%'ers with meds.

    This was my 1st time, and was a little aprehensive because I almost lost my dad last year when another Dr punctured his artery doing a cath and he almost bled to death. Thank God I had no issues and now just have to adjust my lifestyle to eat healthier and take better care of myself, (hard to do with so many good BBQ and fried catfish places here in the Memphis area).
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    I had / have high cholesterol. Over 3 yrs we tried everything related to diet to get it down. I even ate only food that had absolutely no fat or cholsterol of any sort in it, and it came out the same. Try that, talk about one boring , horrible diet. In other words, my body was generating the cholesterol and it was not diet.

    So, I said at one point... to @#$@# with this diet if it's not going to do any good.... a year is a loooong time on that food. So, for 1 week I went out and ate ONLY steaks and hamburgers every day. About that point I was in the Dr's office and he wanted some blood to check my cholsterol... and I was thinking.. uh oh, this should be interesting.

    I got a call 2 days later from HIM... not his nurse... and he asked what I had been eating. I asked why ? (not wanting to admit it). He said , "because for the first time in 3 yrs your cholsterol has dropped dramatically". So, I told him what I had been eating the prior week.

    It's not always due to diet.... but you have to do all the things to find out for sure.

    We did prove Vit E will drop your cholsterol about 20-40 pts.

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