I don't understand suicide

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Thread: I don't understand suicide

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    I don't understand suicide

    I don't get how someone could take their own life. I'm a fairly young fellow, I'm only 26. I get that life can be hard. I understand depression, lonliness, pain. I've never really been exposed to suicide and yet within the past month and a half, I've had two friends from high school (who I was very close to then) kill themselves. Both are from the same town, both had young children.

    How can a man just leave his child(ren) stranded like that?

    If you pray, don't pray for me...pray for their families. One guy had 2 little girls, the other had a 6 month old son. These kids are going to have to deal with knowing what their fathers have done.

    I just can't comprehend it...
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    I'm sorry to hear about your friends and family. Prayers sent to all!!
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    I don't understand it either. The only thing I can think of is, life's has it's share of up's and down's. I guess some can't deal with the down's.

    sorry about your friends
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    I have a son that has tried it 3 different times.....it tough on everyone.....prayer for you and your friends family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reborn View Post
    I have a son that has tried it 3 different times.....it tough on everyone.....prayer for you and your friends family.
    Wow...I can't imagine dealing with it on a very intimate level like that.
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    Sometimes people need to be taken low to be built back up.. Some people just want out,.. Some people want help, but end up taking there life in the mix of it all.. Sad, but true..

    Never ignore a plea for help,.. But don't enable someone to feel self pity.. Remember that most people that do commit suicide really don't want to,.. They just want help and don't know where to get it..

    I had a ex-g/f commit suicide a while after we dated.. That was really hard to stomach,.. She was a beautiful young girl that could have had a great future..

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    It's a long term solution for a short term problem...
    Certainly sad for the families...I'll put them on my DC list.
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    No one can get into the mind of another. Never say never. You cannot predict what you will do in any situation until you're in it. Thank whatever God you worship you don't have to make that decision every day you aren't in a situation where it's become an option.

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    Years ago, a friend of one of my clients killed himself with a shotgun. I knew him but not well.

    I did speak with the insurance investigator and asked him if they figured out why.

    He said that they almost never figure out the motive. Some people are easy; i.e. they are dying of cancer, just got dumped, lost a loved one, etc.

    But he said with most of the cases he has been on over a 25 year career, the answers just aren't there. The person seemed to be on top of the world and then bam, they're gone.
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    My nephew killed himself when he was 19 years old.

    I don't understand it.....and I try not to judge it.
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    Don't even try to understand what causes an individual to commit suicide. I investigated suicides and attempted suicides for 6 years and in most cases there was no one thing that could be contributed as the cause. In the vast majority of cases there was no conclusion. According to the doctors that I interviewed most cases arise when the individual cannot think rationally and believes suicide is their only option.
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    My wifes best girlfriend started the car in the garage over a break up and her male cousin walked into sporting goods store in AZ and walked out with 9mm and shot himseld over failing 1 class in college. Both great people. In 70 years when I get to the pearly gates and see them they are both in for an ass kicking that you would not beleive. The weird thing is after 1 person does it then is a second behind it. Male cousin best friend did it 2 months prior to his and he saw first hand the effects that it had on that persons family.
    To Reborn dont know what to say except " Prayers for you"
    If you see somebody whos personally changes/depression/mood swings please say something. Check out AFSP: Home My aunts best friend after the death of my cousin who was like a son to her joined AFSP and we have a walk every year to raise money for suicide prevention. It effects millions of people more that most think. Famous people/poor people/everybody in between.

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    People choose to kill themselves when the amount of pain in their lives exceeds their ability to cope with it. That's why it's so important to have good communication and trust within a family so that when someone is having trouble, they don't feel like they have nobody to turn to. This was a problem in my family, and I think it contributed to my brother's mental illness and his eventual decision to throw himself in front of a bus.

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    I had a very close friend commit suicide two days before Christmas in 1982. I was with him just hours prior and he kept trying to tell me something but couldn't, now I know...
    To date nobody knows why, he had the world by the butt from what all could see.
    Looking back there were plenty of signs but I didn't know the signs then, I guess it's a lesson too late.
    My prayers to all affected. It will serve you no purpose to wonder why, you'd make better use of that time learning how to make sure it doesn't happen to another friend or relative.

    God Bless

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    Suicide is one of the most selfish acts imaginable. My mother commtted suicide a few months after a stroke. My entire family wanted to help her but she did not want to be a burden. She was always self sufficient and could not stand the idea of being dependent. Yes, she was of diminished capacity but I didn't love her any less.

    Personally, I want every means to keep me alive. Tubes, machines, drugs, anything and everything. This dying with dignity crap is nonsense. There is no dignity in dying without doing everything possible to stay alive.

    I've instructed my family to keep the machines running and the food flowing no matter what. Doctors may consider me brain dead. So what? After all, many people think I am already brain dead.

    Suicide? Not a chance in the world that solves any problems.

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