Rest in Peace, I love you Trinity

Rest in Peace, I love you Trinity

This is a discussion on Rest in Peace, I love you Trinity within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Yesterday was one of hardest days in my life. I put down my best friend, my first dog, who loved me unconditionally, protected me day ...

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Thread: Rest in Peace, I love you Trinity

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    Rest in Peace, I love you Trinity

    Yesterday was one of hardest days in my life. I put down my best friend, my first dog, who loved me unconditionally, protected me day and night, she was always eager to please me, and was always desperate for love and affection. I will have a pain in my heart that will forever hurt. I had to put her down far sooner than I had ever imagined. I miss you and love you terribly, Trinity. I don't know how I'll ever get past this, and hope I never do.
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    Very sorry to hear this news. I understand exactly how you feel, and it's a sickening feeling.
    Our canine friends follow us around because they want to be with us, not for what they can get from us...OK, maybe treats, but that's a different category.
    It leaves a home empty, it leaves a heart empty...hang in there, another canine can fill the void...really.

    You'll find a ton of dog lovers within these thread who will share your sorrow.
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    Very tough time and my heart goes out to you.

    I've sat in the vets and cried like a baby when it was my turn to take care of my dog. And remember, that's what you did. You took care of HER, when she could no longer take care of herself.

    You'll get past this. Take your time and cherish her memory. As a dog lover, I'm sure you've heard about our departed best friends now playing and running over the Rainbow Bridge.

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    I've been there my friend, and will be there again.

    Have strength and you will get through this.

    Click on the link below for some solace.

    The Rainbow Bridge
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    I'm sorry for your loss. I too have been there and will have to cross that path again as I have two canine family members now. Take some time to reflect on the memories. Then, when you are ready, get a new friend and continue to share your love with them. Its the best therapy and the best way to honor the legacy of your Trinity.
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    No doubt your friend was suffering. You put an end to that, I'm sure if she could she would understand and be thankful for the good life you gave her and that you were selfless enough to allow her to pass peacefully and with dignity.
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    Sorry to hear of your news. Getting back on the horse helps a lot. While my new meathead can never replace my old meathead she is a lovable beast and I appreciate her for different reasons. Though she will never be Yardy, she makes a good Luna and fits in around here like a glove.

    Here she is using her mentor as a pillow.

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    Sorry to hear about your loss, Sejune.

    I believe you did the right thing, though.

    My African Grey died in January. His name was George. He was my best buddy for 10 years.

    It still hurts.

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    Aww, so sorry friend. I know how awful that is, and what a strong bond you must have shared.The only fault I've ever found in a canine was their short lifespan.
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    Very sorry I have been there and dread ever losing my new best friend. You will no doubt never get over it but you will get through it.
    I remember the day I left the vet without my best friend of almost 13 years, could hardly swallow, chest felt like a truck had parked on it.
    No words could comfort my loss, and five years later I would give anything to have even one more day with him. But you too will come to realize that the bitter sweet life of a dog is worth anything and everything too have one.
    You too will heal the emotional scars left from the loss and likely opt to get another buddy down the road. Your departed friend would want you to be happy after all that's what dogs want, for you to be happy no matter the cost.
    When I decided to get my new buddy I made myself a few promises that would benefit both of us. Not to make comparisons between them, not try to make him act or behave the same as my old buddy, and to show him all the love I could every day.
    Now I can't imagine life without my new friend and dread ever losing him, he is by all means as great in his own right but he does not diminish my memories of my first rottie and never will.


    I have Cujo's ashes on a shelf in my living room, I paid to have him cremated alone (rather than a multiple animal cremation) and can talk to him whenever I want. Sounds silly maybe but very therapeutic.
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    Thinking about you my friend.

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    Know exactly how you feel. I put down my own dog a short time ago, I could not take her to a vet and leave her with a stranger, I wanted to make dang sure she did not suffer. It does hurt, no doubt about that, but like all things time does help.

    Look at it this way, the reason it hurts so much is because the bond was so strong, if you did not care, it wouldn't matter so much.

    One of the truly great things about being human, is the ability to feel pain in our heart.

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    You are in my thoughts. The toughest thing you'll almost ever do, but also the most important.
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    I have a 12 year old Lab,she is crippled up in her left hip,pretty much deaf,but as long as she is willing to get up and eat and able to do her duties without too much pain then she will be able to sleep as much as she wants and beg for bites of hamburger until her time comes and we have no choice.I don't think I will be able to replace her,if i do it will be with a rescue dog
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    I'm really sorry for your loss. I'm raising a new pup after not having a dog for over 40 years. The love she has for me and my wife is mind-blowing. We love her as much in return.
    I hope you can find another to fill the hole in your heart.

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