Remembering Scott H., a fine local deputy

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Thread: Remembering Scott H., a fine local deputy

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    Remembering Scott H., a fine local deputy

    Along those same lines as a recent "good LEO encounter" post, when we moved from Los Angeles to the Appalachians, a local sheriff's deputy dropped by to chat. We spent a long time just shooting the breeze (don't recall firearms in that discussion), but he said at one point, "I notice we've got a lot of folks moving in from out of the area - if you happen to be chatting with them you might mention that they have only a month to get local tags on their vehicles." I replied, "Gosh, I happen to know one guy right off the top of my head who could use to hear that..." (I had new tags the next day.)

    I lent my deer rifle to Scott a couple of years later to evaluate: I needed to sell it and had no idea what it was worth. A week or so later the dogs went nuts while we were out gardening. He came around the corner with rifle in hand, and my wife (bless her heart) said, "Scott! With all of the ruckus from the dogs, we thought it might be a varmint coming up the hill!" which he replied delightedly, "It was!"

    During the time we knew each other, I recall chatting about carry weapons, and (with permission to do so) showing him my Ruger SP101; he said, "I assume you have a permit to carry that?" and my reply of "Yes, sir!" was good enough for him. Once he showed me the foldable stock Remington 870 12ga that he carried in the trunk.

    We lost Scott to a druggie a few years later: the monster attacked Scott, pulled him through the window of his cruiser, took his weapon, and shot him just above his vest. The bad guy was later shot by another officer and died on the way to the hospital. Tears were shed - for Scott.

    I remember Scott fondly, and hope I can be a spot of brightness for other cops as well. Sure, some are bad eggs (welcome to humanity), but most are, probably, just like us. Hugs may not be in order, but the cup of coffee and kind word sure are. Wish I had more of an opportunity to be a blessing to the guy on the street.

    If any LEO reads this, and has a suggestion on how I can make a brother LEO's life a little brighter, we might all profit from hearing your suggestions.
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    From what little I understand about those in law enforcement, they are not in it for fame and fortune and prestige. But a kind word, a friendly gesture, just a simple ackowledgement of the job they are doing means as much as to them as an Ocar or some ohter trophy on the mantle. They are people too. To all the law enforcement officers out there, I say thank-you!

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    May God hold Scott in the palm of his hand forever!


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