We have a new son!!! (or daughter, we don't really know)

We have a new son!!! (or daughter, we don't really know)

This is a discussion on We have a new son!!! (or daughter, we don't really know) within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Well, you will recall my post regarding the loss of our dear bird, Tweeter several days ago. My wife and I have been heartbroken since. ...

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Thread: We have a new son!!! (or daughter, we don't really know)

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    We have a new son!!! (or daughter, we don't really know)

    Well, you will recall my post regarding the loss of our dear bird, Tweeter several days ago. My wife and I have been heartbroken since. Well, this afternoon we decided to take a look at a store in Henderson that sells birds, as well as dogs, cats, fish, etc. There was a wonderful woman there, named Bridgette, who was quite knowledgeable about birds. We spoke to her while looking. She had 2 beautiful Macaws, although we aren't quite ready for a bird that big (next spring or summer though, will be different). When we look at birds for ourselves, personality of the bird is the most important thing. She took out a sun conure, who looks a lot like Tweeter. She sat right on my shoulder and started nuzzling me. Well, wouldn't you know it, she followed us home! She will never replace Tweeter. She'll always be in our hearts. But getting a new bird, as sweet as this one, will definitely help the grieving process. His/her name? (birds like this need DNA sex testing, which we may get done when she goes to the vet,just to get the correct personal pronoun). Well, my wife has named her "Twitter"!. I named Tweeter, and told her it was her turn. So, this bird is named in Tweeter's memory. She's already decided that she wants to stay on my shoulder, just like Tweeter did. So we're happy now, even though we're still sad at the same time. But we knew that we just didn't want to be without the love and joy that Tweeter gave us, and it looks like we made a good choice.

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    Outstanding Squawker! The loss of a beloved pet leaves a serious void.

    Not surprised you found a new friend as quickly as you did. No, Tweeter II won't replace Tweeter I, but it does help dull the grief and Tweeter II will grow into it's own personality which will develop into a whole new relationship with you.

    Congrats on finding what appears to be such a good bird!

    Hang in there buddy! Time will help the healing process, but your new friend will also help fill the void and you'll be best bud's in no time!

    Thanks for posting of the new family addition! It really warms my heart to hear it!

    Semper Fi

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    Congratulations, make sure you pass out some cigars. Best of luck with the new family member and may Tweeter RIP.
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    Sorry about that loss, it lasts...but the new friend sound great...enjoy!
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    Welcome Twitter, glad to have you here
    I so well know that empty feeling of losing a member of the family.
    When I lost my son Kujo last summer, I made it a whole three days before I started calling breeders around the state to find another Malamute to fill the hole in my heart.
    You never find a replacement, you do find love though, and it does help. Tweeter is waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, but he's smiling knowing you have a friend to keep you company.
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    So sorry to hear about Tweeter, Squawker, but this is such a sweet story about Twitter. It's like (s)he almost KNEW you needed her/him. :)
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    If we let it happen, into our lives comes those friends that we need when the time is right.

    Twitter sounds like the right friend at the right time.


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