Been offline for awhile, NOT by choice

Been offline for awhile, NOT by choice

This is a discussion on Been offline for awhile, NOT by choice within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Woke up 21 Aug with some slight chest pain that went a little up the neck and with some shortness of breath, so thinking that ...

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Thread: Been offline for awhile, NOT by choice

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    Been offline for awhile, NOT by choice

    Woke up 21 Aug with some slight chest pain that went a little up the neck and with some shortness of breath, so thinking that it should be checked out I went to the ER at the local hospital. After explaining my concerns to the nurse at the window it was directed to another nurse inside where I answered some more questions and was chastised for driving myself to the ER. I was then taken to an exam room for some blood tests and x-rays, after a short wait the doctor comes in and informs me that I will be transferred to a hospital in Raleigh.

    Upon arriving at the hospital in Raleigh I am whisked into the heart cath unit where I am stripped, shaved (and not where I normally shave) and put in a gown then on to the cath lab, thinking maybe a stint or two and I will be home soon, wrong, was then told I would scheduled for surgery next week.

    Tuesday I go in for surgery at about 5pm and come out about 11pm, 4 bypasses and an aneurysm repair later I wake up with what felt like a clydesdale standing on my chest (Mmmm love morphine makes horse get off chest).

    On 7 Sep I am told I will be going to rehab facility next day, wake up on 7th and am told that due to some irregular heart rhythms I will be going back to cath lab instead, well next day off to lab and two hours later I am now running on electronic ignition (pacemaker).

    Spent a few more days in hospital then was transferred to a rehab facality near home where I stayed until the 24th of Sept then released to go home.

    Now I just have to finish healing and get back to the things I enjoy doing, only bad thing is I have to wait three more weeks for the sternum to heal before I can do any shooting.
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    Holy Crap! We just thought you got recalled to active duty and deployed on some super secret clandestine mission!

    Damn, very glad to have you back here Sir! I'm glad you got the plumbing repaired and the new spark plug!

    "Morphine makes the horse get off your chest"

    Seriously, I'm glad you're OK and back with us. Take it easy cowboy, you'll heal up in time.
    Semper Fi

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    glad your ok hope you get well soon
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    Sounds like a close one. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.
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    Wow, sounds like a hectic month you had! My hat's off to the docs and nurses who fixed you up. That was a bit more than a tune-up.

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    I remember when my mom passed away from a cancer diagnosed just TWO weeks before she passed. She had a cardiac arrest and was rushed to the ER. I got to the ER at the same time as the EMTs were wheeling her in. They were working on her in a room with the door open as I stood outside and prayed. Later on, she is discussing the whole episode kind of laconically with her ER doc and she busts out with this gem: "So Doc, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being CROAK, just how close was I to simply "checking out?" He comes back with a simple and sobering: "Maybe 'bout a 2." She was one TOUGH broad my mom was. I think you two have a lot in common. You'd have liked her and I'll bet she'd have liked you. Two tough old birds of a feather.... Live long and prosper, bro.
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    I'm glad to hear that you're home and doing well.

    Take care of that ticker!
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    Sorry to hear that news, but glad you're healing...protect that 'ticker'...welcome back...
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    Sometimes getting called back to the factory for a recall is the best thing. Glad to have you back and running right again
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    It sounds like you got the 100,000 mile overhaul.

    Glad you're back and doing well.
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    And the ER doc was right, you shouldn't have driven yourself to the ER.

    Get well soon.

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    Glade you were still under warranty. Get well soon.

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    Hope all turns out well.

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    Hey there. Welcome back and glad to hear you're doing better. I'm glad you had an early warning and were able to get everything taken care of before anything worse happened.

    Take care and be sure to do what the docs say to insure a speedy recovery.
    "I did the thing I feared the most. Excuse me while I cheer. Now here I stand a stronger soul and all I lost was fear." ...Anonymous

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    Welcome back, glad you are on the mend.

    I only got 2 stints about 2 months ago, and feel 10 years younger, hope you proceedure is as successful.
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