When a friend calls for help...

When a friend calls for help...

This is a discussion on When a friend calls for help... within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; A dear friend called the other day. He is about six years my senior and have known each other since I was an infant.We grew ...

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Thread: When a friend calls for help...

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    When a friend calls for help...

    A dear friend called the other day. He is about six years my senior and have known each other since I was an infant.We grew up as nieghbors. He has three dogs that are as much a part of his family as his kids or grandkids.My friend explained how the oldest dog, that he has had for fourteen years is in bad shape with cancer and is getting worse and suffering.He tells me she is going to have to be put down soon."I hate to ask,but will you do it?"
    What could I say......
    He called this morning literally in tears and said it was time. I told him to stay in the house and I would be over and along with his oldest son we would do what had to be done. When it was finished and we had buried the dog,he came out and hugged me and thanked me and reflected on fond memories of his dog......
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    It's TOUGH to lose a family pet, I'm nearly in your friends shoes right now. We have had this cat (I caught wild as a kitten) and he has been a remarkably smart and loyal cat. Always well-behaved; our kids grew up with him. Right now he has an out-of-control tumor growing outward from his side, it's is awful looking thing, but I'm taking care of him everyday and assessing his quality of life.

    He is not in pain, he eats and drinks as he likes, uses his litterbox. He seems very happy to be at home and with us. As long as that continues he'll be fine here. As his health diminishes, and I know it's coming, I'll have him euthanized as comfortably as I can. He's given us many years of companionship and pleasure, I'm sad to lose him, but happy to make his departure easy for him.
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    You're a 'dependable' friend. I just lost a great canine 'friend' and I know the feeling.
    Now I took my canine to the vet, and I would certainly do it for a friend who couldn't take that 'last trip'.
    It's a rough road to travel down.
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    Sounds like a true friend, meaning you.

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    That sir is something extraordinary! Well done!
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    You are a true friend. I too lost my dog in May of this year. A day doesn't go by where I don't find myself thinking of my dog. You are a good friend indeed!


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    You are a true friend, and your post brought tears to my eyes. I hope you went home and hugged all your loved ones, and so did your friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepingZ View Post
    Sounds like a true friend, meaning you.

    We are involved in dog rescue and have ended up keeping quite a few over the years. This obviously means we lose them eventually too. I know what your friend is going through.

    Be sure to send your friend this........

    The Rainbow Bridge

    It may bring him some solace. Take care.
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    I'm a huge dog lover, this would be very hard for me to do. I probably would have taken the dog to the vet for him and if need be, bare the cost for him as well. However, I just couldnt look somebody's dog in the eye and dispose of it with a gun. As humane as it may be, I would have a tough time with it. An attacking dog is certainly different.

    You are a true friend and those are hard to come by.
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    You're a good friend.

    My brother asked a friend to do the same thing. Panner (the dog) was happy to see the friend come. My brother thought Panner expected some relief when the friend came. Panner had been too weak to do anything, but he started wagging his tail when the friend showed up.

    You're a good friend.

    Sad times. Good memories.

    More sad times.

    It's been years. Still miss him.

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    While it's always such a horrible thing to lose a furry family member, your friend is very lucky he has you to come to in a time like this. I'm glad you stood up and helped him do what had to be done. You, Sir, embody the definition of a true, loyal friend.
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    a true friend.

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