Interview follow up

Interview follow up

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Thread: Interview follow up

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    Interview follow up

    Things started a bit rough. I left the house with plenty of time to make it on time. But traffic was pure hell. Got stuck behind a school bus, stopping every 2 blocks. Took 10 minutes longer than normal to get out of the subdivision. Then, I15 was a mess. It took me 55 minutes to make a 30 minute drive. But, they were understanding, in fact they weren't ready for me until I arrived (I did call to let them know that I was stuck in traffic).

    Interview went well. The regional manager was happy to see me, and the discussion with him and another Doc just flowed. They couldn't offer me the job right then, as the procedure requires that I get through
    credentialing first. Then, I'll need to interview with the medical director
    at the location where i would work. But if they didn't want me, they wouldn't be putting me through credentialing. I filled out the paperwork, and should here something by next Thursday. Credentialing will be fine, I've been through it before when I went to work for the company in Dec 2007. They just need to verify that my license is active, and no one is suing me for malpractice.

    On the negative side, the job won't be what I was doing before. They're staffing a clinic that will just handle physicals. DOT, pre-employment, etc. Pretty boring. But it's less boring than sitting around the house, and at least I'll get paychecks far larger than unemployment. I can handle that! And if I find that I just don't like it, I'll give them a reasonable amount of time (at least a year or more), then look for something else after the job market improves. But I won't go into the job with the thought that I'm leaving. I would do the best that I can, and I may find it not to be as boring as I think it probably will be. And even boring isn't that bad. I'm tired of the job changes, I would love to stay in one place until retirement. And they may, if business justifies it, move to full service sown the road. In the mean time, I will be happy just to be working, and I will be grateful for the job. Things could still go wrong, and I won't count on it until I'm actually offered the job. But the regional mgr knows that I'm good, and quite capable of doing the job, so I'm hopeful. Pleas continue to keep your fingers crossed.
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    Break a Leg !!! and hope it all works out well.

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    Sounds very promising...good luck!
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    What retsupt99 said, and good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooterX View Post
    What retsupt99 said, and good luck!

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