Blown away

Blown away

This is a discussion on Blown away within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I talked to my best friend this morning, He told me that he was talking to his 16 year old daughter about her friend that ...

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Thread: Blown away

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    Blown away

    I talked to my best friend this morning, He told me that he was talking to his 16 year old daughter about her friend that went missing last night. The girls mother was calling all her friends trying to find out where she is. The mother wondered if she might have run away, she didn't know what to think. This morning she wanted to check her closet to see if she had taken any clothes with her. She found her hanging in her closet. She was only 15. What a waste.

    I can't even begin to feel the pain her parents must be feeling. A week before Christmas. She has presents under there Christmas tree. To lose a child by their own hands has got to be the worse feeling in the world.

    I had another friend commit suicide this year and another friend told me this.

    Suicide is a permanent fix to a temporary problem.

    Please pray for people in need, Life goes on, people have to deal with thier problems and move on.

    Sorry for the ramblings , It just broke my heart for her and her parents.

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    I am sorry... That is heart-breaking. Prayers sent.
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    Prayers are sent to You and Her Family,, In this time of need,

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    What a horrible tragedy... Prayers sent for all...
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    I am in complete shock. Words fail me.
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    Prayers sent. A very sad story any time of year but it does make it harder at Christmas time. I had a good friend commit suicide two days before Christmas in 1982. It was years before the memory did not preoccupy my mind around the holidays.
    I was also a first responder to a suicide of a 9 year old boy who hung himself from his bedroom door knob. I did CPR on him all the way to the hospital to no avail. What the hell could go so wrong at that age to take that route?
    Sorry to go on about it but it boggles my mind to this day when I think about it.
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    So very sorry. Society puts too much pressure on kids at an age they can not handle. Puberty comes 10 years to soon.

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    Oh Lord! I will be praying for the family and friends.
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    Sorry to hear about your friends daughter. Much too young.

    Prayers sent.
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    That totally sucks. My nephew (also 15) did the same thing last year about this time. Put a .22 Marlin to his chest and put one through the heart. My sis-in-law found him in the middle of the living room floor. Only child, too. My bro still hasn't found the bottom of the bottle and I'm not sure anymore if he ever will. Trust me when I tell you that the family is gonna need a LOT of support and NOW!

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    What an incredibly sad situation. I can't even begin to imagine the mother's shock at discovering her daughter. The family will probably never get over this.
    I offered up a prayer for them.
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    Such a horrible loss for all. As I was in high school, a younger friend that went to our church shot herself in the head over a break-up. She was 15 also. So heart breaking.

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    That is very sad, my heart and prayers goes to the family. But it might not of been suicide. There is this game that teenagers and pre-teens play called pass out or choking. They stop the oxygen from going to their brain and pass out. Sometime it goes too far
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    If only someone had recognized that this girl had a problem. At that age things that don't amount to anything can be blown into a major problem.

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    That's horrible, sorry to hear this, prayers sent.

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