Praying for the DC Family

Praying for the DC Family

This is a discussion on Praying for the DC Family within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Praying for this entire DC family. There are many needs we know about and many needs we never hear about but still need to be ...

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Thread: Praying for the DC Family

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    Praying for the DC Family

    Praying for this entire DC family. There are many needs we know about and many needs we never hear about but still need to be carried to One Who can touch the need, our Heavenly Father. Thanks for all who post your needs so we know how and what to pray about and to the entire family, you are being thought about and prayed for during these times.

    Take Care folks
    Thanks to all who have prayed for us in these days
    Praying for the DC family

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    Quote Originally Posted by rottkeeper View Post
    If you are living your life worried about being a victim all the time and not enjoying life to the fullest, you are already a victim...
    -You don't know what you don't see-


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    Christmas brings special wishes. Material things are nice to have, but Christmas wishes and prayers are for all of my friends here to be blessed with the things they need most.
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    Thanks, Boze, we appreciate the sentiment.
    Coimhéad fearg fhear na foighde; Beware the anger of a patient man.

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    Thanks Boze, I really believe in the power of prayer...
    In my case, my surgery was supposed to be much worse and more painful than the previous one. But, I believe the prayers coming from the DC family made this operation easier on me than I could have ever thought.

    I really feel we are a close family at DC...

    Thanks to all and Merry Christmas,

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    Thanks Boze... it's nice to know that there are brothers who sincerely care. Sometimes life gets pretty rough.
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    Praying right along side ya, JBozeman, for all of the DC family with needs.

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    Right there with ya Boze. Praying for all the DC family.
    It’s so much easier now days, to "Love and honor" my wife, when she is armed, and shoots a better group than I do. (Till death do us part, eh?)

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    Prayers sent, DC is my familiy.

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    Good post!!!!!

    I agree, and feel the same

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