FINALLY! A Job Interview!

FINALLY! A Job Interview!

This is a discussion on FINALLY! A Job Interview! within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; After a year of unemployment and continuous job searching, I finally have my first job interview coming up on 1/5. This would be an excellent ...

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Thread: FINALLY! A Job Interview!

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    Thumbs up FINALLY! A Job Interview!

    After a year of unemployment and continuous job searching, I finally have my first job interview coming up on 1/5.

    This would be an excellent job with good benefits. My wife needs 6 major surgeries and we are on the verge of losing our home. The timing would be "just in time".

    I just need to ask my praying brothers and sisters to please pray that I get this job... not for myself but for my wife, it would go a very long way toward helping her health if she doesn't have to worry so much.

    Thanks in advance and God bless, Thumper
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    You'll do great, so relax and have a great interview! Your in my thoughts!
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    You got it Thumper! I put a word in upstairs for ya.

    Things are heating up in the job market, I've got a couple of interviews next week too, after months of nothing. Hang in there, I'm pulling for you.

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    Prayers sent for both, and for all seeking employment. Good luck!
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    Added to the top of my DC list...
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    You and your family are in my prayers. ~Adam
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    You got it!
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    Another prayer sent from VA.

    My son graduated with a Masters over a year ago and he can't find a job and has only had 2 interviews. They say that the Masters is hurting him at his young age and no experience. He is really feeling down now and is losing his enthusiasm.

    Good luck on your interview and wish your wife good health. It sounds like you have a load on you, stay strong.

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    Prayers sent, not only for the job, but for Mrs. Thumper's health as well.
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    Congrats on getting an interview in such a tough job market. Best wishes in it working out great for you!
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    May God's riches blessings be upon you both in these days. Praying for you folks my friend!

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    My prayers for each of you job seekers and your families.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctr View Post
    You got it Thumper! I put a word in upstairs for ya.

    Things are heating up in the job market, I've got a couple of interviews next week too, after months of nothing. Hang in there, I'm pulling for you.
    I feel for EVERYONE who wishes to be gainfully employed, but due to unmitigated circumstances,,,

    Good luck to you, I am on one knee to the exalted one for all in this situation, Please remain optimistic

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    Here's hopeing you get it!

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    Prayers sent
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