Divine Intervention???

Divine Intervention???

This is a discussion on Divine Intervention??? within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Hi everyone, Been gone for a day or so, my 79 yr old dad had a heart attack on New years day, @ around 3:50 ...

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Thread: Divine Intervention???

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    Divine Intervention???

    Hi everyone,
    Been gone for a day or so, my 79 yr old dad had a heart attack on New years day, @ around 3:50 Pm. Me My wife and four kids and my oldest sons girlfriend were just arriving at the movies in Chesterfield. My sister calls me and says she just talked to my mom in West Branch Mi.
    and found out that they had just come in from the cold, after being out for 10 min. and he collapsed in the foyer to the breezeway and the stairway to the house and garage. He remarked to her "geeze that cold air really does a number on my lungs" and slumped back almost falling toward the basement.,but she grabbed his coat. She set him on the step, and tried to rouse him but to no avail. She dials 9-11 and tells them what happened,and a sheriff patrol got there 2-3 min. later, with EMS 2-3 min. after that, got him to the hospital there after stabilizing as best as they could. My brother got his wife and two teen sons together and on the road, my sisters family got together, and I got mine together as well, and headed up that way as the doctor in ER @ West Branch said its not looking good you all need to come ASAP, And that they were life flighting him to Bay medical in Bay City, 1 hour closer to where we were coming from.
    As of right now the puminoligist ,and his heart doctor, say time (48) hrs. from noon on Sat will be the starting point. tests so far indicate that he has no hemorrhaging of the brain so far, didn't have a stroke, and they want to just let his body rest and remain calm so that when they start the neurological tests they will give good indication as to whether he sustained any brain damage from (if) any loss of oxygen.

    Please remind everyone that you know, not just those who are elderly, or persons with asthma, ETC,, to COVER your face when you will be out for more than a minute, it is not good to breath this frigid air for long durations.
    The Pulminoligist said the cold weather PROBABLY brought about an inevitable heart attack, which in this case turned out to be a Godsend, because my mom was to leave early Saturday , and not return until Sunday. If he was alone he would have been a goner for sure!!
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    Prayers sent - and thank you for the reminder about cold air!

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    Prayers sent, I hope all goes well and Dr.'s can treat the cause of his attack.
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    I hope the best for your father.

    Man, did that bring back memories. I went out to clean snow off of car windows one morning and after 15 minutes, I had to sit down and was breathing so hard.... and I was in good shape. I knew my mother was going out that morning and hoped she didnt' get out in it.

    She did........ and they found her dead sitting in the vehicle while it was running. One neighbor got concerned because he saw her cleaning the windshield off and then he went in, when he came back out 20 min later she was inside of it... but it was still sitting there running in the driveway. She was gone.

    Take it easy folks, or make sure if you have older parents, etc... that they do.
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    Prayers sent for your dad and your family... Hang in there...
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    I will add this to my DC list...
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    Prayers sent.
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    Prayers sent!
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    That was good oneshot.... Please keep grandpa in your prayers everyone he is very special to oneshot and myself... Grandpa I'm praying for you.
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    Prayers and positive thoughts sent to Grandpa, get well soon.
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    Prayers sent

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