Goin' under the knife...

Goin' under the knife...

This is a discussion on Goin' under the knife... within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Sort of. Next Wed I am having arthroscopic surgery on both my knees. Nice routine couple of holes each and some carving out of junk ...

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Thread: Goin' under the knife...

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    Goin' under the knife...

    Sort of. Next Wed I am having arthroscopic surgery on both my knees. Nice routine couple of holes each and some carving out of junk and then some lubricant injections. I'm picturing an old school grease gun stuck in my knee, I think it may be more antiseptic than that though.

    The fun part will be the healing part. I am not a very patient, patient. But since my knees keep me from playing on the ground with my 5 kids and is preventing me from advancing in TKD so I can become an instructor to deaf kids, I need to be a good patient.
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    BTDT...twice in fact.

    Good luck Paco. Its a lot better and quicker than it used to be. DO what they tell you and dont get in a rush to do things, let it heal completley first.
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    Good luck...go slow...heal quickly!
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    Ditto what HotGuns said. Do as you are told! Don't try to cut corners. Just remember WHY you are going through it all. You will be done in no time.

    Good luck!
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    You are in my prayers, Paco. I had one of my students that had a similar surgery and he is doing great. It took some time to heal but he did and is doing great. You will be fine and get you instructorship.
    I dread even getting a cavity filled so I know you worries. The idea of anyone cutting on us is not so great.
    Heal up soon,
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    Paco...."going under the knife" gets your thread moved to Bob & Terry's Place.
    Yup, even just for the knees.

    Hey you'll be glad that you got those "bum knees" fixed up.
    Have a lightning quick recovery.

    You'll feel lots better.

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    I've had ACL on the right and replacement on the left. They can do amazing things.

    Recovery and success is up to you. Work the rehab like a maniac.

    Good luck. FWIW - my rehab at age 40 was a lot easier than that at 60.

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    Gee... I wonder if you wake up and have a couple zerk fittings?

    I'll be praying for ya Paco!
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    Just keep focused on the end goal. Better mobility / less pain I am guessing.
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    Paco, my wife just went through it.
    She, like you isn't very patient. PLEASE work hard to resist the urge to over-do it early in the recovery! Especially immediately after discharge. You'll likely feel better then, than in the week that follows!
    Be careful, heal quick!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    Gee... I wonder if you wake up and have a couple zerk fittings?

    I'll be praying for ya Paco!
    That's just wrong but funny as all ****.

    Paco, good luck and follow the Dr.'s orders.
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    A friend had arthroscopic surgery when he was 18 after getting his knee messed up in a football hit. The doc gave him a cast, complicated splint and crutches and said no weight bearing for 6 months. The day after surgery he was walking on his toes that stuck out of the cast. Wanna guess what his future was?
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    I bet your feeling better by now, but be careful my friend. I've been advised after all these years in the MAs and military that I have to have surgery on my knee to fix it, but I still get get down and perform my moves, it just swells now and then LOL and causes me grief.

    I figure after my 2nd retirement, I'll let my Doc do it then. Let us know how it goes, then maybe, I'll do it earlier.
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    Good luck, and take it easy.
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    Good luck on your surgery!
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