Prayers needed for an ornery patient

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Thread: Prayers needed for an ornery patient

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    Prayers needed for an ornery patient

    Well, today's surgery on both knees went well. That stuff they use for anesthesia is some good stuff

    I need to ask for prayers from as many people I know, both actually know and those who I know from forums like this. I figure the more the merrier.

    I just found out from my Wife, now that I am fully awake and not under the influence of narcotics what the Dr. told her while I was in recovery.

    As it turns out my knees were jacked up more than we all thought. I have one area where the bone in my left knee was sheared off, cartilage is all over the place in varying forms of FUBAR. I will eventually have to have both knees replaced.

    I am fine with all of that. My problem, where I am having a hard time coping with the news is this...

    I will never be able to return to Martial Arts, I will never again be able to play any sport that jars the knees in anyway. This also includes weight lifting. I can only work on my legs through the stationary bike or eventually an elliptical machine. No more squats, no more hard leg workouts, nada.

    What really sucks is the Wife and I were about to become assistant TKD instructors while we worked towards our black belts. We were then going to become instructors and teach Deaf kids and start working with kids with other disabilities to learn TKD.

    I know God will be glorified somehow in all of this. I trust He has a plan for the news I got today. I donít want to be selfish and pray that he is glorified by my being able to return to TKD and become an instructor, only that He is glorified. But deep down, I hope that is how. I hope to be able to return to TKD and be able to work on other martial arts.

    Please pray for me that I may be a humble patient and not push my luck in physical therapy, in life and that I can keep my own knees as long as possible.
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    Paco, no offense to you --especially as you are down right now--but in the big scheme of things you are doing great. What you are concerned about counts as a little problem. It isn't cancer. It isn't debilitating heart disease, it isn't kidney disease, it isn't a stroke. You aren't going to jail for 20 years.

    You will have limitations to your activities and these are disappointing. That's all. Disappointing. The limitations aren't going to "ruin" your life or worse, take it.

    I know that getting this "bad" news is tough. Nobody wants to hear bad news and nobody wants to hear that they will need to curtail doing activities which they enjoy.

    Again, with no offense intended, and with the hope that folks do pray for your recovery, maybe, just maybe, G-d has got lots more important stuff to deal with? You're OK. You'll be OK.

    You'll just need to find a different way to recreate and perhaps learn a different MA approach which relies less on kicks and less on your knees. Meanwhile, if you will be able to walk, be able to press a gas pedal, and stomp on the brakes, you'll do fine in every day life. It is too soon for a long face.

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    Hopyard, I know and certainly agree. I have family history of Type II diabetes and a couple of family members who have died from pancreatic cancer, stroke, and heart attack.

    I agree my disappoinment is over something that is minor in the grand scheme of things. Parrish men don't like sitting still or being told they can't do something. So my main concern is that I do what I am told and heal, not push my luck.
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    There are many who would gladly 'pay' to have our ailments...heal quickly.
    You are added to my DC list...
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    Bless you my friend. Heal quickly and ya know, God can work miracles. Just be open to the possibilities.
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    Well Paco, I'm not going to spout a bunch of scriptures about God's will... yada yada. You already know the Lord loves you and His thoughts are good toward you always.

    I'm praying for you and your bride. For your healing and for peace and for direction. I can't wait to hear what the Lord has in store for you guys!
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    What hopyard, ret and Thumper said!!!

    Take care heal well, and remember, Its all small stuff!

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    Maybe with knee replacements and some limitations on movement, you will be a great team with your wife when teaching martial arts to kids with disabilities. And it is inspirational to see what kids deal with themselves.

    Change can be very liberating, but I would imagine that a change like this that you did not really strive for is difficult to get used to. You are already talking (typing) about your dissappointments which sounds like a healthy thing to mentally go through.

    Knee and hip replacements can be miraculous. As can be wives during a recuperation. Remember that this is not easy on her either. It will also change her life for a while. They will not complain (much), but flowers for her are always a good idea.

    Good luck and strong living to you. Prayers sent
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    Paco, I'll gladly be praying for you tonight. I'm of the belief that God still performs miracles today and that include healing. I've personally been witness to cancer being healed, crushed feet being restored, and others big and small. I was humbled to have prayed for a gentleman who had been in a wheel for years and got up and walked out of church that day pushing his wheel chair. As crazy as it sounds, I know God can fully heal your knees.

    I'd say that it wasn't God's desire for your knees to fall apart on you, and will be praying that you see His love and healing.

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    Paco, I know all to well what it's like to be able bodied, and then......well....... not so.

    Prayers are with you and the Mrs.
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    Take it one day at a time, Paco.

    Your in my prayers.
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    Paco, nothing to add about the future, but just know I'm praying that you heal well and fast, then find good news in this.
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    Added you to my DC prayer list.
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    Prayers sent.

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    Paco, I know you are upset about not being able to return to TKD but maybe that's because God needs you to turn in another direction to do his work. Maybe teaching another type of self defense for those who can only use their upper bodies.

    He does have a plan for you, relax for now and search for the answer. Prayers sent and God Bless.

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