Our furry friends

Our furry friends

This is a discussion on Our furry friends within the Bushcraft - Primitive Skills - Survival Skills - Camping forums, part of the Related Topics category; Just wanted to remind everyone in the really cold areas to remember your pets. Please be sure they have shelter from the intense cold and ...

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Thread: Our furry friends

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    Red face Our furry friends

    Just wanted to remind everyone in the really cold areas to remember your pets. Please be sure they have shelter from the intense cold and snow. They also need fresh water and more food than normal in cold weather. They can't ask for help, they depend on us for their survival. Thanks to all good pet owners out there.
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    Thanks for the reminder.
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    TN here. Its supposed to hit low of 4 degrees F tonight. People might also want to fill their bathtubs with water.

    With temps that cold here, and things like water mains not designed (in many places), for that much cold, their is a good chance that folks will be without water. And Im talking about for use flushing toliets, and the like.

    Not trying to hijack a thread, just trying to add a helpful hint on a storm related thread.
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    yea. i added the oil heater to the chickens normal IR lamp. it's cold out!!
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    My pup has it rough, sleeping right next to the bed and all. I mean it must be frigid down on that floor even with his own comfy bed. In all reality he loves all the snow but of course he lets me know when he wants to come back inside to thaw his paws when I let him out to do business/play.

    Thanks for the reminder!
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    +1. We assume the responsibility for our pets and they depend on us.

    It was 80* here today. Played golf in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. But it's supposed to get down in the 30s the next couple nights. My cat sleeps on the bed with us every night, warm or cold.
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    Our furry friends-img_0261.jpg
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    My Pyr is standing at the door, panting. I think he wants to go outside so he can cool off.

    It must be getting ready to get real cold --- this may be the first time, ever, that one of my Pyrs ever stopped shedding!!!
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    Four dogs and herds of cattle of mine are outside. All have been well fed today and will get extra rations first thing in the morning.

    Monday-It was 20 degrees here this morning, about what was predicted, so not too bad on outside animals. Our outside dogs have houses they can go in, but I often look out and see they are asleep in the middle of the yard.
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    A very good reminder.


    Off Topic
    We have had two decently warm days here in the 40s but, still with snow on the ground.

    My old Spaniel "Beulah" just had the greatest time out with me frolicking in the snow. She was just like a young pup again.

    Even though she really can no longer see or hear. She was so happy and her tail was wagging like crazy the entire time we were out.

    The temperature is going to plummet here into Sub-Zero the next two days and I will not take her out when it is that cold.

    My dog is spoiled rotten. No danger of her ever freezing.

    A REALLY BAD HORRIBLE DAY for my dog is when she does not get a slice of Provolone Cheese and a small handful of LIFE cereal on her food.

    She will get all ticked off and won't eat.
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    Mine sleeps under the covers, and he lets us sleep there too when it's cold.
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    Good reminder! Thanks!

    My old Spaniel "Beulah" just had the greatest time out with me frolicking in the snow. She was just like a young pup again.

    Even though she really can no longer see or hear. She was so happy and her tail was wagging like crazy the entire time we were out.
    My 11 YO GSD Dame was frolicking in the snow too. It was fun to watch her having so much fun. She loved it, and is sleeping well tonight.

    Our Chicken Coop is not heated. I want them acclimated to the cold, otherwise a power outage could spell their doom if it got cold. The coop is well insulated and draft free. It's been down to -5 inside the coop (-10 or -15 outside) and the chickens have all been OK. The chickens get a lot of corn and corn bread when it's cold, which supposedly helps them stay warm.

    The horses, goats and Maggie all get extra hay, which ferments in their guts, creating big internal heaters. Of course, heaters like that need adequate venting.

    The dogs...........well....they all have 4" therapeutic foam beads. Poor babies.
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    my pups are inside dogs, always have been. i couldnt fathom locking them outside. our chickens are outside and have a nice warm heat lamp for this upcoming deep freeze. stay warm everyone.
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    The roughest our dog has it is that her favorite stick is trapped under a sheet of ice. She kept ringing her bathroom bell so she could go out and check on it even though she kept falling on the ice. Right now, she's fast asleep in between my parents in her own blanket.
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    My Lab and GSP sleep by my bed at night. My German Shepherd patrols the rest of the house.

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