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    A blurb from yesterday morning’s IBD got me thinking:
    T R E N D S & I N N O V A T I O N S
    The death cap mushroom is delicious, according to people who have tried the fungus, but no good treatment currently exists for those who accidently eat the deadly fungus. But researchers at the Dominican Hospital in Calif. have tested the compound silibinin as a possible antidote. In the trial, all 60 of the patients survived eating a death cap and then taking a dose of silibinin. More tests are needed.

    Aceoky really started the conversation by posting his thread on Acorns found here: The Acorn. Being a generalist I'd like to expand the scope to general gathering. Gathering morels is a popular springtime activity here in Michigan. I thought this was a pretty good primer:

    Since the container is key and this is a Bushcraft site, here's a link to constructing a bark berry (or 'shroom) bucket: You'll have to scroll through the pdf to page 382 of the book or 379 of the pdf.

    So, nuts, berries, ‘shrooms. Whatda yah know? What have you done?
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    Walnuts, pecans, wild blackberries and strawberries. Watercress.
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